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Oracle Customer Success—CMiC


CMiC deployed their new R12 Construction Enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


We built the latest version of CMiC Collaborate for our enterprise construction customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It is designed to change how construction industry players work together to deliver projects, with less risk and at lower costs.

— Oliver Ritchie, VP of Technology and Innovations

CMiC has been providing their Enterprise and Field solution to their customers for nearly 40 years, and today 27% of Engineering News-Record top 100 contractors use CMiC software. Built on an Oracle stack, this single-database platform solution provides the ability for customers to manage entire construction projects from concept to completion. They can do this with an enterprise-wide platform, or with a more narrowly focused solution to empower field staff. Every transaction goes through an Oracle Database to ensure continual visibility into projects, helping their customers realize ROI and scale without the traditional burdens of increasing costs or staff.

Finding the right cloud
Foreseeing the potential and future of cloud technology, CMiC explored different options, from an in-house version to combining datacenters with cloud services from Amazon Web Services. CMiC finally decided on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. CMiC Enterprise isn’t one application but is a complete solution with 2,000 applications delivering extensive functionality to multiple construction verticals with diverse needs, including Financials, Field and ECM capabilities to help manage corporate risks.

“Our challenges were the unpredictability of cost and processes like hardware procurement and VM deployment that were taking too long. We needed a procedure in place that could help determine whether we had enough resources,” said Vince Di Piazza, Director of IT and Cloud Infrastructure at CMiC.

Di Piazza continued, "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure addressed our challenges. It provides compute, fast block storage, load balancers with SSL offload, and security lists – everything our business needs today. The private subnet feature means we can create isolated networks without internet access for improved security."

The deciding factors for CMiC included Oracle’s superior compute and storage performance, but, more importantly, that Oracle provides a security model which translates to confidence for their customers.

A typical deployment consists of 3 virtual machines, each with eight OCPUs, two of which are application servers running either the CMiC V10x product, or the latest release of R12. In an opportunity to merge technologies through joint operating servers, CMiC uses Windows Server for their application servers, with another server running Oracle Enterprise Linux and Oracle Database 18c. These operating systems and servers are configured in Oracle Cloud to bring the CMiC software to life.

Scaling the CMiC single database platform solution is typically done with larger or additional virtual machines. With an autonomous database, users confidently know that they are working with a single and persistent version of truth to reduce workloads, mitigate risks and advance security.

“It is much easier to manage a cloud-based system because we don't have to worry about who has actually installed what. Right now, we've got 350 customers in the cloud who get their upgrades at exactly the same time. This means at any given time- they’re all running exactly the same version of CMiC,” said Gord Rawlins, President and CEO of CMiC

Positioning for future growth – and evolving technology
Oracle is CMiC’s lead partner and recommended cloud infrastructure. CMiC is also hosting their new Collaborate site,, on Oracle Cloud infrastructure. CMiC Collaborate is a breakthrough hybrid cloud platform that enables the seamless sharing of project documents, communications and cost information between general contractors, and their network of subcontractors.

CMIC Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Their Construction Solution

Business Challenge
  • Reams of paperwork are often replaced with loads of software, as contractors use discrete applications to track finances, human capital, equipment, materials, process workflows, and engineering drawings
  • The unpredictability of cost and processes like hardware procurement and VM deployment that were taking too long
  • Integrate financials with project controls, with project management, billing, change management, inventory, resource planning, and scheduling into one system
  • Replaced 10 to 20 different software packages, each with its own database, with one application on a single database
  • 10x faster deployment with dependable, repeatable results
  • Superior compute and storage performance and security
  • Scalable platform
  • Ease of management: 350 customers in the cloud that get their upgrades at exactly the same time
  • Continuous upgrades such as autonomous database and bare metal compute

Why They Chose Oracle

  • Long term, successful partnership
  • Mission-critical CMiC Construction Enterprise Oracle-based solution runs best on Oracle
  • Met compliance needs
  • 10x faster deployments

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With Oracle, we can already deploy ten-times faster with dependable, repeatable results. And the product will continue to evolve and utilize advanced products and technologies from Oracle, such as the autonomous database and bare metal compute.

— Oliver Ritchie, VP of Technology and Innovations

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United States
Published:  Aug 01, 2019