Common Sense Machines builds beautiful 3D worlds with GenAI on Oracle Cloud

CSM’s Cube technology turns 2D images into complete 3D models using the power of OCI Supercluster and Kubernetes.


The OCI folks are very hands-on, and they understand the nuances of what it takes to build a startup in the 3D generative AI space. OCI Supercluster and Container Engine for Kubernetes provided us the performance and scale to support ML training.

Tejas KulkarniCEO and Cofounder, Common Sense Machines

Virtual worlds, whether architects’ 3D renderings or sophisticated mobile games, are filled with virtual objects: buildings, chairs, cars, trees, spaceships, avatars, trombones, and coffee mugs. CSM’s Cube, an end-to-end generative AI app, uses given images, text, or sketches to create 3D animated assets and environments with amazing imagination and realism. As common with GenAI, creating digital objects from sophisticated algorithms, terabytes of foundational models, and vast compute capabilities used to be unaffordable and labor-intensive. By using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for AI Infrastructure, CSM is able to deploy GenAI models in minutes and store the massive amounts of data in an efficient and accessible way. In combination with OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes, a fully managed cloud native platform, CSM develops microservices to further power creativity securely and at scale.

Published:March 15, 2024