Commvault offers innovative ransomware protection with OCI

The provider of next-generation data protection-as-a-service allows customers to secure and recover data on OCI at lower total cost of ownership.


OCI and Commvault offer unparalleled cloud services and data security for our customers in support of a broad spectrum of hybrid cloud and multicloud strategies. This partnership advances data protection capabilities from on premises to the cloud, including ransomware protection with air gap storage functionality to help secure, defend, and restore your data.

Alan AtkinsonChief Partner Officer, Commvault

Business challenges

As data volumes grow exponentially, it’s common for an organization to store and back up data on-premises in multiple locations as well as cloud infrastructure platforms. In use cases involving disparate data storage and backup strategies, organizations struggle to provide consistently high levels of data protection.

Commvault is a leader in intelligent data protection services, spanning a broad range of workloads across on-premises, public cloud, and SaaS deployment models. It offers Metallic, a SaaS portfolio that lets companies adopt flexible, affordable, and consistent file and application data storage and protection policies across hybrid storage strategies, known as data protection as a service (DPaaS). The solution also supports a unique form of air gap data isolation in which cloud environments retain some measure of access but, when the isolated data does not need to be accessed, the air gap is reestablished automatically.

As Commvault’s leaders sought to expand the Metallic business, they needed to partner with a cloud infrastructure provider that had a track record of helping organizations more easily shift workloads to the cloud while extending the highest levels of security at a price that made business sense. The goal was to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem of technology partners and satisfied customers.

Commvault selected Oracle Cloud Infrastsructure (OCI) because of Oracle’s cloud native, security-first approach to cloud infrastructure.

Why Commvault chose Oracle

Commvault decided to offer its data protection and storage solutions on Oracle Cloud because Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) helps provide comprehensive native security, many of which are available to customers without additional subscriptions. Plus, the company was impressed with Oracle’s documented, extensive experience in helping organizations rapidly migrate data and applications to the cloud.

Commvault’s backup and recovery solutions, including Metallic Recovery Reserve on OCI for air-gapped protection, are available in all of Oracle’s 41 public cloud regions in 22 countries.


Oracle and Commvault, via OCI, now jointly offer Commvault Metallic backup and recovery for Oracle Cloud workloads on OCI. The DPaaS solution features a single user interface to back up data in on-premises and multicloud deployment models, for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads.

Metallic also provides a simple interface to link Oracle and non-Oracle on-premises environments to OCI, enabling data mobility and security. To date, Commvault’s and Oracle’s shared customers now back up over 32 petabytes of storage collectively across their OCI environments.

Increasingly, more of these customers take advantage of Commvault’s air-gapped cloud storage on OCI for ransomware recovery strategies. OCI also offers automated capabilities to help secure, tune, and scale applications, freeing up resources for higher value activities.

The combined solution reduces customers’ overall total cost of ownership, with fast time-to-value and simplified administration. Shared customers can maximize their existing investments in bring-your-own-storage scenarios. Oracle’s embrace of customers’ multicloud strategies also helps customers seamlessly connect with their data stored on other cloud platforms.

All this is delivered with an optimal price-to-performance ratio that makes business sense. OCI customers gain peace of mind knowing that their data will be available when it is needed as they journey to the hybrid cloud, modernize applications, and streamline operations.

Published:October 20, 2023

About the customer

Commvault helps protect its customers’ data in a difficult world. Its industry-leading platform redefines the next generation of data protection as the only solution with comprehensive data services, active data defense, advanced ransomware protection, and a single view across data.