Complete Intelligence makes superforecasting possible

Data technology startup selects Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to offer superforecasting that helps purchasing and other teams make smarter decisions.


We have lots of concurrent and parallel processes with very large data volumes. We are checking historical data against thousands of variables, anomaly detections, with massive calculations processing and storage needs. And it’s all optimized with Oracle Cloud.

Tony NashCEO and Founder, Complete Intelligence

Business challenges

Complete Intelligence, a fully automated, globally integrated artificial intelligence platform to help purchasing, supply chain planning, and revenue teams, makes superforecasting possible using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

To say the startup’s AI platform is data intensive is an understatement. Founded to address a market need for accurate and reliable cost and revenue forecasting and predictive intelligence analytics, Complete Intelligence runs more than 15 billion data points through an AI platform, making trillions of calculations across 1,400 industry sectors. That robustness is attracting the attention of big global customers, including Australia-based OZ Minerals, a publicly traded modern mining company.

Beyond mining, Complete Intelligence works with customers in oil and gas, chemicals, electronics, food and beverages, and industrial manufacturing. The fast-growing startup requires a high-performance cloud that provides modern, cloud-native services with a compelling price-performance ratio. It found exactly that with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Having access to the most widely used tools such as Kubernetes is crucial, because startups like us deploy on client clouds. Oracle gives us the flexibility to spin up an instance so our enterprise clients can have the functionality they need.

Tony NashCEO and Founder, Complete Intelligence

Why Complete Intelligence Chose Oracle

The company runs many concurrent and parallel processes with very large data volumes and requires the compute power to check historical data against thousands of variables, and detect anomalies with massive calculations processing. Its AI platform comprises millions of learning algorithms that are continually updated in response to market conditions and global events.

According to CEO and Founder Tony Nash, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives Complete Intelligence the confidence that its massive workloads and datasets will run optimally, without downtime or performance lapses. “It’s all optimized with Oracle Cloud,” he says.

Oracle’s Kubernetes offering, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, was also essential to give the startup portability and flexibility for its growing portfolio of multinational customers—and to give Nash and his team more freedom to innovate. “It’s important that cloud providers allow the latest, most widely used tools in their cloud, especially because startups like us deploy on client clouds,” says Nash.


As part of the Oracle for Startups program, Complete Intelligence is finding better price-performance benefits with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure than with its previous Google Cloud platform, along with the confidence that comes with knowing its workloads are reliable and secure as they scale. Plus, Oracle’s cloud native services give the company the flexibility and portability to scale with its clients.

“Potential clients come to us that are using Oracle, so having our software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will make it easier for us to deploy and scale,” Nash says. “A seamless client experience is a critical success factor for us.

Oracle for Startups provides resources and offerings that also add value for Complete Intelligence. “We’ve been impressed by the resources and dedication of the Oracle for Startups team,” Nash says. “I’d recommend it, especially for AI and data startups ready for global scale."

Published:June 25, 2021