Content Guru secures contact center platform with Oracle

The communications technology provider adopts Oracle Session Border Controller to secure its network, improve services, and enable rapid growth.


Oracle has provided best-in-class session border controllers for Content Guru for a number of years now and is a trusted provider for us. Oracle’s session border controllers help us provide a scalable and reliable customer service offering.

Jay ChoudrySolutions Director, Content Guru

Business challenges

Content Guru delivers market-leading communications technology, software, and services to hundreds of the world’s largest organizations.

The company offers a Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) platform called storm. The product encompasses intelligent automation, scalability, and complex integrations with third-party and legacy systems.

As usage of its network and platform increased during the pandemic, Content Guru needed to find a technology partner that could ensure the reliability, security, and scalability of its services.

Why Content Guru Chose Oracle

Content Guru chose Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (SBC) to secure its network and provide a trusted, carrier-grade, real-time communications-as-a-service platform to its customers. Compared to competing solutions, Oracle Session Border Controller offered Content Guru unparalleled support for clustering and a wide range of security protocols.

Content Guru also selected Oracle Communications Operations Monitor to gain visibility and insight into signaling and media interactions, and to troubleshoot and resolve issues for enhanced IP network service assurance.


Oracle’s range of virtual session border controllers now form a key part of Content Guru’s reference architecture across each storm availability zone. Oracle SBC performs admission control via local policies or external policy servers to ensure that both the network and service infrastructure have the capacity to support high-quality communications. 

Additionally, Oracle SBC allows Content Guru to monitor each voice interaction for quality, which reduces the effort required for troubleshooting.

One of Content Guru’s customers, a large electricity provider, experienced a more than 1,000% surge in real-time communications contacts during the pandemic. The company was able to handle the increase in contacts with no disruption in service due to the storm product’s scalability, supported by the Oracle SBC, resulting in a customer satisfaction score of 93%.

Additionally, with storm’s high service availability supported by Oracle SBC, the electricity provider was able to reduce the response times to a maximum of 4 seconds, which is a significant improvement compared to previous user experiences.

Published:October 29, 2021