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Core Security Delivers Security Training 98% Faster with Oracle IaaS


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service empowered us to easily scale our virtual environment as the number of students or course duration changed without adding virtual servers. We now deliver hands-on security training to customers 98% faster, supporting the growth demands in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

— Byung Hyo Kim, Chief Research Engineer, Core Security Co., Ltd.

Core Security Shortens Time to Build Virtual Training Environment by 98% and Supports Global Expansion with Oracle

Core Security Co., Ltd. is a global provider of cyber security training services. With unique training content, based on continuous research and development on latest security technology, it aims to deliver high-quality, hands-on training courses to government agencies—including Korea Internet and Security Agency and Ministry of National Defense—and global corporations, such as Samsung and Hyundai.

To meet increased demands for cyber security training in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Core Security wanted to reduce time and cost to build the infrastructure for its virtual training environment.
  • Support global expansion by increasing the flexibility and scalability of infrastructure and enabling faster response to customer demands, such as providing scenario-based virtual incident response training in Southeast Asia
  • Lower initial costs and shorten implementation time to develop virtual training environments that required over 1,000 servers
  • Reduced the time to build virtual environments by 98%—from over 10 hours to under 10 minutes—and enabled the business to quickly deliver security training to customers across regions by gaining infinite cloud capacity to deploy and scale application environments with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service
  • Saved costs to deliver hands-on security training, such as recreating the scenario of real security breaches, by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service to easily provision complex training environments rather than adding virtual servers
  • Improved the efficiency to manage resources even with fluctuating demands for security training by replicating the exact virtual environment as many times as needed by using the Blueprint feature of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service and providing students with on-demand, isolated training environments at the click of a button 
  • Accelerated development of training content by using the REST API of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service to run the same training environment as in the data center on the cloud without making any changes, making it easier to manage virtual machine structure and network virtualization 
  • Enabled employees to focus on developing innovative training content, such as security training boot camp, by automating the process to snapshot and share the complete training environments with other team members


Oracle Infrastructure as a Service has higher compatibility than other vendors, enabling us to easily deliver virtual training to every users’ operating system or network. Oracle’s integrated environment also helped to accelerate training content development, which is critical to support growth.

— Byung Hyo Kim, Chief Research Engineer, Core Security Co., Ltd.


After various tests and demos over two months, Core Security created a prototype for its virtual training environment based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service. It then successfully went live with the first hands on security training in just two months after the prototype.

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Established in 2011, Core Security is a leader in providing hands-on security training courses, such as scenario-based incident response, to Korean government agencies and global corporations, to secure their vital assets and national defense. Its focus is to partner with customers, security experts, and instructors, to predict, develop, and deliver world-class security training services to customers in different regions.
Published:  Jan 04, 2018