Covea streamlines sales process with Oracle Cloud

The Paris-based insurance group deploys Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote to deliver more accurate quotes and contracts more quickly, while reducing costs.


With Oracle CPQ, we have significantly accelerated our sales cycle, approximately halving the time to calculate and issue complex and highly customized insurance offers. The Oracle solution is one of our first in the cloud, and it has become a showcase, demonstrating that our strategy works.

Grégory BarbéCIO, Covea Group

Business challenges

Covea, created from the merger of three mutual insurance companies—Mutuelle d'Assurance des Artisans de France (MAAF), Mutuelle du Mans Assurance (MMA), and Garantie Mutuelle des Fonctionnaires (GMF)—insures one household out of every three in France. Its main business activities, both in France and abroad, include auto, home, life, and health insurance, as well as reinsurance and savings and pension plans.

A key part of Covea’s strategy is to find and leverage synergies among its brands and consolidate and unify IT systems to improve operational efficiencies. One focus was to reduce the time it takes to generate individualized insurance proposals for corporate and consumer clients, a process that was managed by an aging homegrown configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tool and further complicated by the need to use 15 other applications to calculate, create, and issue the proposals.

Not only had the group’s legacy CPQ software become too cumbersome for users, requiring specialized training, but it also was difficult for Covea’s IT team to maintain and upgrade.

Covea needed a comprehensive CPQ application that could handle complex pricing proposals across a variety of insurance products. The solution also needed to minimize the risks associated with generating tailor-made contracts, as well as be easy to use, maintain, and upgrade.

Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote is a remarkable improvement over our previous tool. There is a real uniqueness with Oracle in this area.

Grégory BarbéCIO, Covea Group

Why Covea Group Chose Oracle

In addition to using its homegrown tool, Covea had substantial experience with CPQ applications from other vendors. The group was looking for an integrated application that’s flexible enough to manage its highly customized quotes and contracts across a range of insurance businesses. “When we took a closer look at the market, we saw a rather striking difference between Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote and the tools we had,” says Covea CIO Grégory Barbé.

After conducting a detailed proof of concept of cloud-based CPQ applications from Oracle,, and PROS, all on an automotive insurance product, Covea selected Oracle CPQ. “There again we saw the difference of Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote,” Barbé says.


By implementing Oracle CPQ, part of the Oracle Sales application, Covea significantly reduced IT costs and complexity. Where the company previously needed 15 applications to create an insurance proposal, it now needs only 2, reducing its total cost of ownership by an estimated 20%.

The Oracle tool also shortened Covea’s sales cycle considerably; business users can now create or amend customized proposals in about half the time. Complex offers that previously took five days to calculate can now be issued in less than three days. Covea has reduced the average time to make an amendment to a proposal from more than six hours to less than two.

The streamlined process enables the group’s brands to respond to customers faster across insurance sectors. It also saves valuable time for the 400 Covea employees involved in pricing, proposals, and contract generation. “Today business users are more satisfied than they were in the past with the previous application,” Barbé says. “With Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote we have really changed the paradigm completely.”

What’s more, the faster turnaround times for commercial quotes will enable Covea to increase the number of insurance contracts it issues, thereby boosting group revenue, Barbé says. Particularly important is the ability to rapidly set up new insurance offers in locations outside of France, as international expansion is key to the group’s growth plans.

Oracle CPQ’s standardized processes and automation also have facilitated regulatory compliance, as the group is now able to produce consistently accurate, personalized insurance contracts with validated, easily auditable clauses.

Furthermore, Oracle CPQ has freed Covea’s IT team to work more closely with business colleagues, since IT employees no longer need to spend time maintaining disparate on-premise applications.

Adoption of Oracle CPQ has been rapid across Covea, thanks to the solution’s ease of use and flexible desktop publishing capabilities. The tool’s self-service functionality helps guide sales agents through the preparation of individualized customer quotes and the building and issuing of complex enterprise insurance contracts.

Published:July 9, 2021