CWT Globelink delivers key applications faster with Oracle Cloud

Freight management company accelerates application development and cuts costs using Oracle APEX and Oracle Autonomous Database.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is mature and reliable. The sooner you start adopting it, the earlier your business will benefit from it.

Wei Min ZengHead of IT, CWT Globelink

Business challenges

CWT Globelink, based in Singapore, is a freight forwarder with operations in 31 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. Its core competency is consolidating loose cargo—combining goods from multiple shippers into full containers. The company also provides a range of value-added services, including repacking, re-palletization, customs clearance, and import/export documentation.

To support its global business, CWT Globelink’s technology team regularly develops a range of freight reporting and analytics applications, such as a dashboard for trade managers to analyze region-wide export/import volumes. The company was using a variety of open source development tools, including HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP, on Amazon Web Services. But it found that the lack of a single framework made it difficult to coordinate and administer many projects, thus delaying them.

Why CWT Globelink Chose Oracle

CWT Globelink decided to move its application development to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in part because OCI offered superior performance at lower cost.

Specifically, the Oracle Application Express (APEX) low-code development environment, built into Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database, provided a self-contained framework that allowed the CWT Globelink team to focus on solving business problems while the platform generated code automatically. It was also easy for both junior developers and power users to master Oracle APEX in order to build applications faster, while letting business users visualize and contribute ideas to the development process.


CWT Globelink estimates that it cut its development costs by 14% using Oracle APEX and Oracle Transaction Processing database.

The self-managing and self-patching autonomous database also reduced the cost of system updates and maintenance, without any constraints on memory, boosting performance and the IT team’s efficiency. 

In addition, using Oracle APEX, CWT Globelink was able to reduce the time it takes to develop and roll out applications to about three weeks from the previous two to three months.   

The team now delivers reports and operational analytics for stakeholders five times faster than before. The freight forwarder can now publish its sailing schedule in real time, keeping customers apprised of when their cargo will ship and enabling its own business to analyze thousands of shipments within seconds.

Published:February 26, 2021