Edutech firm creates blockchain service with Oracle Cloud

Korea-based edutech firm uses Oracle Blockchain on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a secure service that facilitates international admissions.


When we moved to Oracle Cloud, we reduced our working time and optimized our performance time with universities. While using the Oracle Blockchain platform, it is nice that software developers can focus more on the chain code…rather than building a chain.

Dr. Jinho LimDeputy CEO, Technology Research Institute, Dain Leaders

Business challenges

Dain Leaders is an edutech specialist based in Korea that helps to bridge a critical gap in the education market with its advanced AI and blockchain platforms.

A growing tide of international students seek to study in Korean universities, but they find it hard to locate the information they need to decide which university and which courses to select. It’s also difficult for them to engage with an alien admissions process and access the ancillary services that allow them to successfully navigate the challenges of studying at a Korean university, including identifying accommodation, or learning the local language and cultural norms.

At the same time, it isn’t easy for Korean universities to find, evaluate, and screen qualified students—and then to review hundreds of applications efficiently for authenticity. It is this gap that Dain Leaders bridges with its DoDream education platform. DoDream helps international students find the help, courses, and services they need to complete their studies in a Korean university, and relieves universities from some administrative burdens.

The DoDream platform operates on the DoDreamChain—a blockchain that powers Dain Leaders’ international student matching service. Before Dain Leaders solved its information asymmetry problem with a blockchain-based approach, it had a taken a more traditional tack that involved leveraging commercial software and hosting its services on internal infrastructure. This, however, resulted in a less-than-optimal experience, such as slow speeds, for both partner universities and students.

Why Dain Leaders Chose Oracle

Dr. Jinho Lim, deputy CEO of Dain Leaders’ Technology Research Institute, and his team started to search for solutions among cloud service providers. In their initial criteria for a partner, they had two clear requirements. The provider needed to have not only a sturdy infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering, but more critically, a blockchain platform that could give Dain Leaders the capability to create permission-based chains (which allow only authorized parties to participate in the network). Oracle, with its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Blockchain Platform, met both requirements.


Oracle Blockchain made it easy for developers to focus on blockchain applications—rather than on managing the blockchain. And it also brought together all the tools developers needed under a single roof and combined them with a user-friendly interface.

These abilities accelerated time to market, and unencumbered Dain Leaders’ development team, by lowering the effort required to manage the blockchain.

Oracle Blockchain is also easy to integrate with external applications. This would prove to be useful as Dain Leaders moved forward with plans to release its service using a software-as-a-service model.

It helped greatly that Oracle’s business development and technical teams shared their experiences of creating blockchain-enabled businesses and provided the technical know-how to accelerate blockchain adoption.

Published:August 11, 2021