DBS builds private cloud with Oracle Linux and Virtualization

DBS Bank improves security and operational efficiency with a private cloud with Oracle Linux, Ksplice, and Virtualization on commodity x86 servers.


Building our private cloud using commodity hardware with Oracle Linux and Virtualization has enabled us to scale and keep up with our growth, and improve our security and operational efficiency while reducing our cost.

Jit Soon KohExecutive Director, Cloud Engineering and Services, DBS Bank

Business challenges

The multinational banking and financial services corporation, headquartered in Singapore, wanted to modernize its infrastructure and create a private cloud for critical applications using Oracle Database. Continuing to use expensive proprietary hardware was not an option, as the bank needed to scale the environment quickly. It wanted to take advantage of commodity hardware cost efficiency at scale, and provide the performance, reliability, security, and uptime required for a financial institution.

Using Oracle Virtualization hard partitioning, we were able to reduce our Oracle Database licensing costs. Additionally, we simplified and sped up our deployments using Oracle VM Templates and Oracle Validated Configurations.

Jit Soon KohExecutive Director, Enterprise Systems and Services, DBS Bank

Why DBS Bank Chose Oracle

DBS chose Oracle Linux as a modern, open source operating environment that supports commodity x86 hardware and is optimized for Oracle Database. Oracle Linux provides a cost-effective solution that keeps software licensing and support costs down while the organization’s infrastructure continues to grow. Also, DBS wanted to use Oracle Ksplice for zero-downtime patching, and adopt Oracle Virtualization hard partitioning to reduce licensing costs.


By running its critical banking applications on Oracle Linux, DBS Bank has improved its security and uptime with Ksplice.

Using Oracle Virtualization hard partitioning, which allows for licensing based on allocated VM cores, DBS Bank lowered its Oracle Database licensing costs while scaling cost-effectively using commodity X86 servers.

All Oracle Database VMs are now using Oracle VM Templates, which ensure that all VMs are deployed consistently and reliably. Implementing a true active VM setup using Oracle Virtualization enabled DBS Bank to improve its availability and reliability. By building its private cloud with Oracle Linux and Virtualization, and using simple, flexible, zero lock-in support contracts, DBS Bank improved OpEx by 40%. Additionally, it improved SLAs by deploying a full Oracle stack (hypervisor/OS/DB) with better integration and compatibility.

Published:September 3, 2021