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Oracle Customer Success — DEME Group

DEME Group

DEME Group Achieves a 66% to 75% Time Saving in New Project Set Up


Aconex brought massive change achieving great project efficiencies from using a single project-wide collaboration platform on such large JV projects.

— Emma Josey, Expert Coordinator Aconex / Document Control, DEME Group

Project name: DEME Enterprise
Industry: Residential & Commercial
Location: United Kingdom
DEME Group manages offshore wind farms, dredging/reclamation, marine infrastructure and vessel construction projects on a global basis. The company needed a standard, yet configurable platform on which to manage document flow and inspections across the entirety of specialized projects, often between themselves and their joint venture partners.
  • Maintaining stellar safety records on complex projects
  • Consistent management of different project types on a safe and secure platform
  • Need to efficiently manage the movement of team members from project to project
  • Efficiently managing review cycles across different regions and time zones
  • Ability to maintain a full project record that is easily accessible years into the future
  • A configurable platform that can be templatized and easily set up per project type and by project
  • A consistent company-wide solution, managing all project information, making it fast and easy for team members to get up and running on new projects
  • Ability to raise more safety issues through an easy to use system that also provides visibility and accountability, while reducing admin time
  • Configurable workflows set up by review type and specific review team to manage review cycles
  • Proven, secure system, easily accessible by all team members to capture the full project record
  • A 66% to 75% time savings for setting up new projects that used to take typically 3-4 weeks but are now set up and ready to go in under 1 week
  • Standardization of project by project decision making, purchasing and system set up has saved around 1-2 weeks per project
  • At least 40% more safety issues are able to be raised and managed. The increased visibility has improved the overall safety record
  • At least 6 days of admin time and time zones coordination loss has been eliminated from design reviews
  • Reduction in archiving costs because each project has a complete record, easily accessible throughout the life of the asset
  • Using a cloud system is 50% more efficient than using a server-based solution behind the firewall and APIs saved document controllers time in synchronizing information between the old and new systems

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United Kingdom
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Published:  Jul 24, 2018