dentsu uses Contextual Intelligence to help brands exceed campaign benchmarks

One of the world’s leading ad agency networks trusts Oracle Contextual Intelligence to boost brand awareness and make the most of clients’ ad spend.


The solution is scalable, trustworthy, and reliable. Working with Oracle Advertising helps us drive the best performance results for our clients.

Ricardo HoningClient Director, dentsu

Business challenges

Headquartered in Tokyo, dentsu is a collective of global agencies. The CoE Addressable Media Hub, part of the dentsu network, supports brands with online strategies focusing on biddable channels like programmatic, social, search, and retail.

In 2020, as the value of the cookie began to diminish, the company switched its strategy to move away from first-party data to target audiences. A booming trend in the advertising industry, cookie-less solutions are crucial to keeping up with stricter data privacy regulations. These offerings also provide new opportunities to reach diverse but relevant audiences. Brands began approaching the media hub demanding new targeting alternatives that could deliver exceptional results while making efficient use of ad spend.

The primary focus for the CoE Addressable Media Hub was to find a cookie-less solution that could meet brands’ expectations with contextual targeting strategies while remaining privacy-friendly. On top of that, the company needed a product that could scale for numerous clients simultaneously around the world.

The support of Oracle is great. Combining that with the features of Contextual Intelligence makes the solution a game changer.

Lydia de PacoDigital Campaign Manager, dentsu

Why dentsu chose Oracle

After researching multiple vendors, the CoE Addressable Media Hub selected Oracle Contextual Intelligence, part of the Advertising and Customer Experience suite, for its ease of use, quick time to implement, and its scalability across key markets.

The company knew that Data Driven Context, a feature of Contextual Intelligence, would help use data based on content consumption habits and buyer behavior to serve relevant ads in a privacy-compliant way. As a powerful alternative to cookie-based solutions, Contextual Intelligence was ideal for branding and awareness campaigns, something the media hub focused on heavily with its clients.

With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, dentsu and its clients beat campaign benchmarks across all key KPIs.


Thanks to Oracle Contextual Intelligence, the CoE Addressable Media Hub saw fast results across multiple regions for its campaigns. With Data Driven Context gathering information on content consumption, the company was able to serve ads with increased relevancy to potential customers. These impactful ads translated into great success for the company and its clients.

In every region where the campaigns were live, the Contextual Intelligence segments exceeded expectations for click-through rate and video completion rate. In France, the Data Driven Context ads saw a VCR of around 80% compared to the benchmark of 70%. In Germany, the ads performed even better, achieving over 85% VCR.

On top of this, Contextual Intelligence was also able to use natural language processing to understand which content was unsuitable for brands, ensuring brand safety and remaining fully compliant with all privacy regulations.

Going forward, the CoE Addressable Media Hub plans to use Oracle’s capabilities for additional campaigns across more regions, focusing on mid- and lower-funnel strategies. The company is keen to bring similarly positive benefits to new and existing brands around the world.

Published:October 25, 2022

About the customer

Japan-based dentsu is a global agency network that focuses on building brand awareness through fully integrated media, data, technology, and content campaigns.