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Descomplica grows while cutting expenses by 20% using Oracle


With the boom in online learning, the education technology company sees explosive growth that would not have been possible without Oracle Cloud ERP.

Business challenges

Amidst a fierce education market in Brazil, startup education technology company Descomplica noticed an opportunity in the early 2000s, the period when millions of Brazilians gained access to the internet. Founded in 2011 to help students prepare for their entrance exams, the company grew exponentially during the following years and established itself as the first major digital education company in the country.

In addition to preparing people for entrance exams, Descomplica launched new business verticals in the education sector: high school and university reinforcement, competitions, certificates, and, more recently, higher education with Descomplica College, launched in the second half of 2020.

Descomplica created a disruptive education model, very different from the face-to-face methods that dominated the market. With the growing importance of digital and remote education, particularly during the pandemic, Descomplica lives up to the challenge of keeping its systems future-proof, innovating both in experience enhancement and the interface delivered to increasingly demanding users. It also provides an increasingly robust platform for offering different services.

Today the company is the largest online education institution in Brazil, offering complete courses in higher education and post-graduation learning online.

But it could not have achieved that growth without transforming its back-office operations, designing new processes, and improving its technology infrastructure—specifically moving to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP).

During the first month Oracle Cloud ERP went live, we were able to control expenses, resulting in savings of 20 to 30 percent.

Rafael Borges

Head of Technology ERP, Business Process and Operations, Descomplica

Why Descomplica Chose Oracle

In its search for a technology platform that could support its growth and delivery ambitions, in 2019 the company reviewed all the ERP offerings on the market, both big and small players. “We analyzed both national and global software,” says Rafael Borges, head of technology ERP, business process and operations at Descomplica. “When we completed scorecards for each one, the decision was Oracle, unanimously.”

Descomplica’s analysis concluded that in addition to helping it innovate in user experience and user interface delivery, Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Plannning solution was flexible and scalable, capable of keeping up with the company’s growth. “Its system is just superior to the other players’ systems,” Borges says.


The Oracle Cloud ERP deployment project at Descomplica took eight months, exactly the estimated time for completion. According to Borges, the results began to show themselves very quickly.

During its first month of operation, the system improved the edtech’s expense control, resulting in savings of between 20% and 30%. And within a year of using Oracle Cloud ERP, Borges reports, Descomplica recovered the deployment costs just from savings the new system generated.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, the startup was able to issue invoices in real time. On Black Friday, the most stressful moment for the system because of the promotions Descomplica usually offers during this period, 9,000 invoices were issued in one day, with no performance loss. On normal days, Borges says, the system now takes about 5 minutes to issue 2,000 banknotes. Each month, the company issues between 40,000 and 50,000 banknotes.

As a company that provides digital services and —particularly—remote education, Descomplica recorded a high demand throughout 2020. The pandemic-related migration to online education further accelerated the company’s growth to the point that full operation would be impossible today were it not for the Oracle implementation, according to Descomplica.

“We would’ve had problems with accounting, treasury, accounts payable, purchasing, and reimbursement,” says Borges. “Before Oracle, the entire process used to be done with documents, in person. Had we not gone through this digital transformation, we would be in serious trouble.”

Beyond the positive results and fast ROI obtained, Descomplica also is happy that it doesn’t depend on consulting to take care of the system. Thanks to teamwide Oracle University ERP Certification, the company is able to perform maintenance, new configurations, and improvements on its own.

It would be impossible to have the operation we have today, which is completely remote, had we not implemented Oracle at the end of last year.

Rafael Borges

Head of Technology ERP, Business Process and Operations, Descomplica

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Published: April 7, 2021