Desert Adventures conquers scalability, saves money with Oracle Cloud

Desert Adventures replaced its on-premises systems with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, boosting scalability and lowering costs with minimal IT hassle.

The service and support I receive from Oracle have been brilliant.

Senthil VelanChief Operating Officer, Desert Adventures

Business challenges

Based in Dubai, Desert Adventures is a destination management company, partnering with travel agents and tour operators to provide travel services to businesses and individuals from around the world. For visitors to the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Jordan, Desert Adventures serves as a trusted guide, meeting them at the airport gate and arranging hotels, transportation, tours, and excursions, then finally bringing the travelers back to the airport gate and sending them home. 

As part of a multiyear effort to automate business processes that were previously manual and labor-intensive, Desert Adventures standardized on a tourism management application called TravelBox, from vendor CodeGen, which it uses to make bookings as well as connect to suppliers and distribute hotel inventory to multiple tour operators worldwide.

Desert Adventures sought to get TravelBox out of an on-premises installation and onto cloud infrastructure, to support increasing transaction volumes and improve system stability and security.

There’s a saying that in a healthy body, you should not feel your heart beating. That’s how I see systems today, with Oracle. My sales team and operational team don’t realize there’s a system running, because it all runs smoothly. That confidence is priceless.

Senthil VelanChief Operating Officer, Desert Adventures

Why Desert Adventures Chose Oracle?

Desert Adventures chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to host TravelBox. The company already runs its other core applications on Oracle Database, and it has been pleased with the service and support, so Oracle was the natural choice for cloud infrastructure.

Oracle also provided a local customer reference, something competitor Amazon Web Services didn’t have.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides Desert Adventures with a 30% cost savings compared with its previous on-premises solution, as well as 20% to 30% savings compared with AWS’s competing offering—with capabilities AWS lacked.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also gives Desert Adventures the confidence to engage with big customers the world over. With its on-premises infrastructure, the company was unsure it could scale up to large volumes of requests; now it just doesn’t worry about scalability.

Meantime, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure lets Desert Adventures focus on its core business without having to worry about IT maintenance responsibilities such as security, compliance with regulations (such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation), patches, upgrades, and disaster recovery.

The company was able to shift its on-premises workloads to the cloud smoothly, in three to four months, allowing it to shut down its on-premises data center.

Ultimately, Desert Adventures projects the migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure will yield a $1 million benefit over the next two years, due to increased revenue from new customers and reduced IT costs.

Published:July 22, 2020