Digital Remedy safeguards against invalid traffic with Oracle Moat

The leading ad tech company protects against invalid traffic fraud to ensure ad viewability and campaign success with Oracle Moat.

With Oracle Moat, we’re able to provide a level of confidence and security for our clients by ensuring their ads are served by real publishers and shown to real audiences—effectively driving desired results among target consumers, whether it be an increase in site traffic or sales.

Kevin JonesVP of Media Buying, Digital Remedy

Business challenges

Digital Remedy provides advertisers and agencies with services ranging from audience extension and campaign optimization to inventory monetization and real-time reporting. With over two decades of experience in the digital space, the company has forged valuable partnerships with leading publishers, DSPs, and data providers to address the needs of clients of all sizes. The belief is simple: create solutions that solve problems.

In the advertising industry, a key concern has been the rise of invalid traffic (IVT) fraud, which has increased in scope and sophistication. IVT makes it difficult for advertisers to ensure that ad dollars are being spent on genuine human audiences and conversions.

As more clients began setting expectations for reducing IVT, Digital Remedy recognized the need for a solution that could measure fraud and provide the assurance that its programmatic buying was not only high quality but also IVT-free. Digital Remedy’s goal was to make sure that its clients’ campaigns were run effectively and that their ad spend was not wasted on fake impressions.

For any organizations looking for ease of mind when running campaigns, look no further than a partnership with Oracle Moat. Oracle Moat’s unbiased, comprehensive campaign measurement provides the transparency needed to remain well informed on campaign performance and stay competitive in the ever-changing digital ad space.

Kevin JonesVice President of Media Buying, Digital Remedy

Why Digital Remedy chose Oracle

Digital Remedy selected Oracle Moat Analytics for its easy integration, intuitive user interface, and real-time reporting capabilities. The company found Oracle Moat to be the best option for cost-effective campaign optimization.


Since implementing Oracle Moat, Digital Remedy has access to the data it needs to ensure that it’s serving clients’ ads on high-quality, fraud-free inventory that reaches actual humans. The real-time data has enabled Digital Remedy to drive down IVT rates and increase viewability rates. Quarter over quarter, Digital Remedy has consistently outperformed industry benchmarks for both IVT and viewability.

Oracle Moat, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, is also helping Digital Remedy broaden its scope and evolve its offerings. As demand rises for new media types like connected TV (CTV), Oracle Moat allows Digital Remedy to keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape while providing innovative solutions that ensure the highest possible level of brand safety across media channels for clients.

Oracle Moat is also a key asset for accessing historical campaign performance to inform current and future strategies. With low fraud rates, Digital Remedy has consistently hit client KPIs, especially on conversion-based campaigns, which has led to an overall increase in renewal rates among clients.

On average, Digital Remedy measures campaigns for more than 1,000 advertisers per month and is eager to expand its partnership further with Oracle Moat.

Published:January 27, 2022