Digital Rising sees 30% business growth after migrating to OCI

The Guatemalan software developer enhances the capacity and availability of its solutions with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Migrating to OCI brought an impressive benefit. Technical support is now more preventive than reactive, and, because of this, we can focus on growing our business and implementing improvements to achieve it.

Juan Pablo GutiérrezGeneral Manager, Digital Rising

Business challenges

Digital Rising is a Guatemalan technology provider focused on the development of software solutions and web and mobile applications that are adapted to the needs of its clients.

The company wanted to find a technology partner to help unify its operations and establish a better cost-benefit balance. Critical issues for the company included website configurations and the stability of its servers. In addition, the company lacked the ability to scale server capacity based on demand, which increased costs considerably. The company realized it was not economically feasible to continue with a business model that wasn’t generating value.

For its payment and electronic invoicing gateways, Digital Rising also required a solution that would offer high availability and security due to the sensitivity of the data passing through its platforms.

Why Digital Rising chose Oracle

Digital Rising decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) after determining that the platform would provide a positive cost-benefit ratio. In addition, it would offer the company lower costs plus numerous competitive advantages in capacity and availability.


After migrating to OCI, Digital Rising provided clients high service availability and the stability to manage their businesses. This confidence was reflected in nearly 30% business growth in the last year.

Previously, Digital Rising had problems with server crashes that required intervention by the organization's development team. With OCI, technical support staff focus on generating strategies for business growth. The company also shifted the roles of its IT personnel to more value-added jobs, because they no longer needed to directly manage the server.

Published:May 12, 2023

About the customer

Digital Rising develops web and mobile applications, online stores, payment gateways, electronic billing, and other software solutions for businesses.