Disrptiv Exchange cuts costs by 25% with Oracle Cloud

Disrptiv Exchange turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to get cloud costs under control while expanding and innovating via new cloud capabilities.


It is a very critical production environment. Performance and uptime are very, very important for us. And we had perfect uptime. None of our SLAs were compromised in the last nine months. We met every SLA. So, we can objectively measure 200% SLA compliance and 100% performance metrics achievement pretty much straight out of the box.

Jiten PitkarCEO, Disrptiv Exchange

Business challenges

Disrptiv Exchange is a leading technology solutions provider for enterprise customers. Based in Singapore, the company helps organizations improve operations and performance.

Its flagship product, glassRUN, is a Digital Unified Commerce Platform that delivers a seamless, consistent buying, selling, and fulfillment experience across the distribution network. The SaaS platform enables clients to deliver the simplicity of a B2C ecommerce platform in a complex B2B environment, helping to maintain good customer satisfaction and retention.

Working with large enterprises, Disrptiv was facing increasing demands and limited tolerance for risk on the part of stakeholders. The company was overshooting its budget by 30% to 40% for about three years.

The organization needed cost predictability discipline to gain a competitive edge and ensure maximum ROI for its clients. Disrptiv wanted a scalable, digital core platform that was easy to integrate, and would shorten time to market without an expensive learning curve.

Now we can give our customers that predictability, and it might sound like a small amount, but it is a major, major advantage. So, we are more competitive, we can drive decisions quickly, and get signed contracts sooner. That’s been a big change for us, as well. And we are now moving some of our biggest workloads to Oracle.

Jiten PitkarCEO, Disrptiv Exchange

Why Disrptiv Exchange Chose Oracle

Even though the company started its cloud journey with AWS, it migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for leading-edge performance and competitive pricing.

Oracle gave Disrptiv Exchange a foundation to be more agile and innovative. It found that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure came equipped with analytics and machine learning capabilities, and was also cost-effective.


Disrptiv Exchange was able to reduce costs by 25% by migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The move to OCI has helped the company gain cost predictability discipline via collaborative creation and service optimization to create real value and efficiency. During the pandemic, the company actually grew its business by 300%.

Disrptiv Exchange is also migrating some of its customers from their existing Microsoft Azure environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Published:May 21, 2021