DNA Payments innovates in the fintech sector with Oracle Cloud

Payments processor migrates its solutions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for better security, faster time to market, and enhanced flexibility.


The key differentiator for us is the successful relationship with Oracle. They really take the time to talk to us about our future and provide us with opportunities to grow.

Arif BabayevCofounder, DNA Payments

Business challenges

A pioneer in the payments processing market, the company is one of the largest independent payments solution providers in the United Kingdom. DNA Payments helps companies of all sizes accept payments faster and easier with options from point-of-sale (POS) terminals to complex gateway integrations to limitless online payment services.

The company, which includes brands such as 123send, Optomany, CR7 Services, Zash AB, EFT, and Active Payments, serves 55,000 merchants.

Looking to expand market reach and increase its product portfolio, the company decided to boost agility, flexibility, and efficiency by building its applications in the cloud. For data security, DNA Payments required a solution that would help the company comply with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and Payments Industry Data Security Standard regulations.

Reducing dependency on data centers and IT intervention was another major requirement for DNA Payments so the company could eliminate bottlenecks, worry less about managing data centers, and instead focus more on testing and launching new services at a faster pace.

One of the company’s priorities was also to provide customers with constant product enhancements such as analytics and reporting, and thus benefit from a competitive advantage. As a young organization with ambitious goals, this was key to speeding up onboarding in an industry led by big corporations, and scale according to customers’ performance demands at relatively low costs.

Why DNA Payments Chose Oracle

OpenWay, the company’s core payment platform, was running on Oracle Database as per vendor recommendations, so Oracle was DNA Payments’ natural choice as a cloud provider. Other factors that contributed to the company’s choice of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) included the level of security provided by OCI’s data encryption and two-factor authentication, as well as the high-performance computing and integration capabilities of Oracle Cloud.

Also, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse gives DNA Payments a solid backup database in multiple OCI data centers that can ensure seamless switchover if needed. Also, machine learning automations such as patching, tuning, encryption, and autoscaling ensure the company’s team of infrastructure analysts and developers gain more time to focus on value-added tasks.

“Oracle’s solution is much more flexible. We have these nice perks of the Oracle Universal Credits, an easier billing process, and a smoother product selection than with other vendors. Oracle has always been helpful to share their expertise and experience with us. They went the extra mile to help us to grow,” says Cofounder Arif Babayev.


After the payments provider moved its payment solution to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it saw improved performance and quality of service. Also, the company benefited from increased security and agility, as well as a broader range of automated platform services, which helped deliver new capabilities to customers at a faster pace.

DNA Payments now wins new customers and onboards them much faster by becoming more efficient and more flexible. “We have decreased the time to market from months to weeks. This is incredibly valuable for our customers because price is not the way to beat your competition. We recently won a customer against a major competitor who is 10 times bigger than we are. The reason: we were able to cut down on the delivery time from 10 months to just 2 months on OCI,” Babayev says.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also met DNA Payments’ availability requirements by offering a scalable, integrated, and fault-tolerant environment through the use of data replication and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). And from a security standpoint, the features provided by OCI through network segmentation and data encryption helped DNA Payments meet regulatory standards imposed by financial services regulators, increase the stability of the platform, and ensure the security of customers’ transactions.

OCI has also offered DNA Payments the ability to expand its range of solutions for customers, meeting their evolving requirements in terms of service improvements. Ultimately, that helped consolidate the company’s position as a competitive provider of payment solutions.

Published:November 24, 2021