Dou Yue serves up tasty data-driven insights with Oracle Cloud

Chinese restaurant chain consolidates data silos, improves decision-making with Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud.


Oracle Cloud provides us an excellent solution to consolidate and use business data, helping us adapt to the trend of internet-based operation and scientific decision-making.

Yuejun YangChairman, Dou Yue

Business challenges

Dou Yue’s 30 restaurants across China are committed to serving traditional, honest Chinese cuisine on premises and for takeout.

Amid intense competition, especially from caterers and internet-based food service providers, Dou Yue needed to establish a standardized business model that would enable it to expand rapidly while enhancing its high-quality fare and the experiences of its customers. Improving its ability to analyze data to support marketing, sales, finance, purchasing, and customer service was key.

However, Dou Yue’s multiple, isolated legacy data platforms prevented the company from gaining the comprehensive, real-time insights it needed. For example, if Dou Yue executives wanted to get a view of the entire business, they had to export data sheets from various systems one by one and manually calculate them, a process that was outdated and error-prone. It was almost impossible to collect and analyze transaction and other data in a timely manner to understand customer demands, develop new dishes, and enhance its guests’ experiences.

Why Dou Yue Chose Oracle

After comparing leading cloud solutions from multiple vendors, Dou Yue chose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for its powerful data–consolidation capabilities and ease of management. The company went with Oracle Analytics Cloud for its thorough and intuitive data analysis and reporting functions.

“Oracle Cloud supports consolidating, analyzing, and visualizing data in one place to quickly show the results in an intuitive manner, which enables us to easily use data to improve our business operation and operational efficiency,” says Yuejun Yang, chairman of Dou Yue.


By deploying Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Dou Yue integrated the data from multiple business systems onto a single, cloud-based platform. The financial team can now pull revenue, inventory, and other data—by restaurant—for company executives to act on.

In the past, Dou Yue required two or three full-time staffers to spend a few hours to manually produce reports. With the Oracle solutions, the relevant analysis reports are generated with a simple click, dramatically improving business decision-making while reducing labor costs.

Using the data analysis and reporting functions of Oracle Analytics Cloud, Dou Yue executives can quickly select any metric for analysis. For example, when a restaurant posts a revenue decline, Dou Yue execs can analyze the environmental conditions (traffic, weather), sales model (dine-in or takeout), as well as menu and pricing in the region where the restaurant is located to determine the root causes and adjust strategy.

By analyzing historical trend, repeat-consumption, and other data, Dou Yue is now able to understand which dishes customers like and adjust them—or create new ones—in a timely manner.

In addition, by using the heat map in Oracle Analytics Cloud, Dou Yue can, for instance, determine which commercial buildings tend to order the most take-out to inform targeted marketing campaigns and where to locate future restaurants.

Published:November 24, 2020