Drivestream takes to the Cloud to maximize human capital performance and drive global expansion

Drivestream Inc. is a leading provider of management and IT consulting services. Founded in 2002, the company provides strategic advice and tactical support for implementing, upgrading, maintaining, and supporting Oracle Cloud applications, as well as Oracle’s PeopleSoft, Oracle Hyperion, and Oracle Business Intelligence solutions. Drivestream incorporates innovative methodologies with proprietary tools and high-performance employees to bring extreme efficiency to solving complex business and technical challenges for large enterprises and midsize companies.

Drivestream is a professional services firm. Our people are our product. We needed a global HR system to move our Drivestream Career Model away from a paper-based process and provide the best possible career path for our people. With Oracle HCM Cloud performance management, everything is in the cloud. Now our performance management process makes our employees feel more empowered and more in charge of their careers, and it allows the company to continue to attract and retain world-class talent.

Jason LindenbergCIO, Drivestream, Inc.

Business challenges

  • Enable the rapidly growing management-consulting firm to more effectively attract, hire, and retain world-class, highly skilled talent across locations in the United States and India
  • Streamline human resources (HR) and performance management to better scale and support the company’s global expansion
  • Empower the executive team with global insight and agility to make strategic decisions to support rapid growth  
  • Automate and improve the Drivestream Career Model (a comprehensive performance management process allowing employees to set goals and track performance against attributes of the next level in their career path) to retain top technical and business-process consulting professionals
  • Deploy a globally integrated, highly available, easy-to-deploy HR management platform that can scale quickly to support company growth
  • Improve HR data accuracy and team productivity by eliminating the need to enter data into multiple HR systems

Why Drivestream, Inc. Chose Oracle

“We evaluated several HCM and performance management solutions. After evaluating on-premise versus cloud-based applications, we selected Oracle HCM Cloud Service because of Oracle’s vision and commitment to HCM in the cloud, as well as its ability to deliver easy-to-deploy, enterprise-class human capital management on a global scale. It was the clear choice for Drivestream. Our continued growth combined with our ability to provide more functionality and features to our employees and executives without increasing our HR or IT headcount shows that our choice has paid off.”
—Jason Lindenberg, CIO, Drivestream, Inc.


  • Replaced fragmented, paper-based HR processes with fully integrated, enterprise-class Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Service (Oracle HCM Cloud), gaining a robust view of worldwide resources, while giving individual offices in the United States and India the flexibility to configure systems to individual needs
  • Streamlined Drivestream Career Model performance management and improved the abilities to provide employees with prompt achievement recognition and to strengthen retention
  • Supported growth and enabled the company to provide more HR functionality and features to employees and executives without increasing HR or IT headcounts
  • Configured Oracle HCM Cloud as single source of record for all employees and gained the ability to quickly scale the system to support global growth
  • Automated administrative tasks, such as global HR reporting and monitoring the performance management cycle to improve team productivity, extend visibility, and improve control across all global resources
  • Increased communication of strategic business initiatives across the organization by aligning the performance management process with the strategic goals of the organization
  • Extended executive team insight into performance management metrics with one-click status updates leading to improved, strategic, personnel decision-making
  • Attained a consolidated view of the employee base, including highly skilled IT and management consultants, to better understand and anticipate training and hiring needs and ensure that employee skills align with customer requirements
  • Increased ability to focus resources on core business rather than on managing and maintaining internal IT systems
  • Eliminated the need for additional hardware and systems investments—improving the bottom line, while ensuring scalability, reliability, and rapid time to value with Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Integrated Oracle HCM Cloud with PeopleSoft Financials to create a fully integrated HR and financials system to reduce the need for duplicate data entry and improve the consistency and integrity of the data across systems
Published:September 1, 2019