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DX Marketing Delivers Analytics Projects to Clients 70% Faster and Grew Revenue 25% in Six Months with Cloud Big Data and Analytics Platform


With Oracle Cloud and Oracle Advanced Analytics, we have incredible amounts of data at our fingertips—115 million households with 260 million individuals and roughly 800 attributes for each consumer record—and can extract knowledge and discover new insights that help propel our business forward.

— Michelle Plecha, PhD. Data Scientist, DX Marketing

DX Marketing is a comprehensive targeted marketing firm offering multi-channel services ranging from research and analytics to digital, creative, and production—all focused on using leading-edge marketing technology and data-driven strategies to help businesses succeed.

  • Provide a scalable big data and advanced analytics platform to manage and identify valuable consumer data, from hundreds of millions of records, for customer acquisition programs
  • Ensure security for all data—particularly for the marketing company’s healthcare clients which constitute 25% of its business
  • Reduce risk and infrastructure costs, adopt innovative database features to help improve time-to-market, and scale fluidly to meet expanding customer demand
  • Expand and accelerate predictive analytics services with greatest ease and lowest cost
  • Deployed Oracle Database Cloud Service (including built-in Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliance), Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service as a new scalable and secure environment for DX Marketing’s direct marketing solutions
  • Realized greater performance and productivity improvements by using Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Advanced Analytics, and Oracle Marketing Cloud to build 360-degree predictive analytics models for its clients—faster and with greater ease than ever before—enabling DX Marketing to expand its business
  • Enabled the company to bring new clients on board faster, helping to boost its revenues by 25% in the first six months after its Oracle Cloud deployment
  • Leveraged Oracle’s advanced analytics capabilities to provide breakthrough solutions to DX Marketing’s customers as well as capitalize on business opportunities that can create new revenue streams
  • Created a prospect predictive modeling program using Oracle Advanced Analytics’ easy to learn Oracle Data Miner “workflow” graphical user interface on more than 100 million records from a national micro-loan company by loading highest scoring prospects into Oracle Marketing Cloud and automating the launch of hyper-targeted display ads—after four months, the client saw its attributable acquisition costs drop 62%
  • Used Oracle Cloud and Oracle Advanced Analytics to run analyses comparing clients’ data to the attributes in a data set in a few days versus the several weeks it took for the company’s third-party provider to run the same analysis
  • Enabled DX Marketing to securely manage and effectively utilize more than a terabyte of data consisting of 115 million households, with 260 million individuals within those households, and roughly 800 attributes for each record while avoiding the need for additional infrastructure maintenance and staff
  • Avoided the expense of hiring new IT staff and acquiring new infrastructure with the cloud solution, enabling DX Marketing to hire top-grade analytics talent
  • Used Oracle Advanced Analytics to ensure faster analysis, profiling, and modeling to decrease time to market for customer campaigns by up to 70%—from 4 to 6 weeks to 3 days
  • Managed 700 million online behavioral profiles and more than 38,000 data segments from some of the world’s most trusted data brands such as MasterCard, Epsilon, and Experian, as well as exclusive in-market data from Oracle BlueKai
  • Used Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Advanced Analytics to understand potential customers’ current interests and past buying habits—in addition to analyzing its own data sources for customer demographics—and most importantly to predict what they are most likely to buy in the future
  • Leveraged its partnership with Oracle to gain access to a comprehensive online data exchange to enable it to provide clients with offline and online customer intelligence, as well as acquisition programs across every digital channel
  • Delivered enterprise-wide access to Oracle Advanced Analytics’ insights and predictions via Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service dashboards and business applications that seamlessly access the same Oracle Database data and Oracle Advanced Analytics’ actionable insights—in the span of 12 months, DX Marketing delivered 38 predictive models covering healthcare, financial services, real estate, education, and more


DX Marketing was up and running with its Oracle Cloud and Oracle Advanced Analytics environment in less than three weeks, compared to the four months the company had expected, by leveraging Oracle’s resources and on-boarding support, which was paramount in DX Marketing selecting Oracle.

“We started the onboarding process the last week of March and received our first file on April 4, and we were producing reports probably between one and two weeks after that,” said Jerry Gearding, director of Marketing Analytics, DX Marketing.

“Today we have a world-class database with two individuals who can put out analytical reports every single day of the week. The Oracle solution ensured a monstrous improvement for us,” said Ray Owens, CEO, DX Marketing.

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Published:  Dec 15, 2016