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Oracle Customer Success — Eastern Communications

Eastern Communications

Eastern Communications Supports Exponential Growth and Boosts Sales Team Productivity with Cloud-Based Sales Management Platform


In just a few months, Oracle Sales Cloud has delivered immense value in terms of empowering our sales team with the information they need to operate effectively. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of the potential of this powerful solution.

— Scott Tschetter, Vice President, Eastern Communications

Eastern Communications is one of the largest radio communications companies in the Northeastern United States. It has been selling and servicing radio communications systems and equipment for more than 39 years. Its diverse customer base includes state, county, local, and federal government entities; public safety agencies; transportation companies; utility organizations; healthcare facilities; schools and college campuses; and construction firms.
Eastern Communications specializes in radio communications systems and equipment; two-way radios, receivers, transmitters, base stations, consoles, and dispatch systems; antenna systems; and microwave systems. In addition to providing equipment, the company delivers a full range of services including design, delivery, and implementation; installation; and maintenance and repair.
  • Support continued exponential growth in the company’s radio communications systems and services business and strengthen its “customers matter” brand promise with a robust sales automation system
  • Enable sales teams across product and services groups to forecast and record sales in a standardized manner as the size of the sales teams and deals grow
  • Optimize forecasting and cash flow visibility across radio communications systems, equipment, and professional services lines of business for more informed decisions
  • Provide engineers with collaborative tools as they architect increasingly sophisticated communications equipment, networks, and solutions
  • Streamline ability to support massive, complex deals for radio communications systems and equipment and keep the company’s diverse teams aligned and organized on a consistent platform
  • Ensure that the sales automation system is flexible and robust yet easy to manage, allowing in-house IT professionals to focus on other strategic initiatives
  • Deployed Oracle Sales Cloud as the company’s sales automation platform and gained a solution that has robust functionality, is easy to use, cost effective, and can integrate easily to third-party applications to optimize existing IT investments
  • Supported rapid company growth, doubling revenue twice in the last four years, and entered a new line of business as a master distributor for a leading equipment manufacturer thanks to a centralized, flexible sales management solution that enables a growing team to work remotely
  • Gained accurate insight into sales pipeline and cash flow requirements across all lines of business—including the dealer channel
  • Met the needs of the radio equipment firm’s increasingly mobile sales force with expanded collaboration capabilities and the ability to access customer and sales information from mobile devices
  • Improved sales force productivity and expanded management visibility into pipeline with a cloud solution that standardizes sales methodology and processes for each line of business—including equipment sales, service, and manufacturer distribution
  • Boosted relationship with and value add delivered to manufacturing partner with a secure log in that enables the company to view orders and status across the dealer network
  • Provided service engineers with centralized knowledge in a collaboration tool that is improving quality, production time, and efficiencies as the company delivers technical support to more than 100 resellers on behalf of its manufacturing partner
  • Ensured flexibility to support various business lines and the unique requirements of three different sales forces─commercial accounts, government sales, and channel/indirect sales─with a single platform
  • Improved coordination and collaboration in deals involving multiple sales professionals—boosting productivity and customer service
  • Enabled sales representatives to have a complete account history at their fingertips when they come on board or change territories to ensure relationship continuity
  • Reduced risk of business disruption during rollout with an intuitive solution
  • Ensured high availability of the business-critical system as well as seamless patching and upgrades with cloud model, freeing internal IT team members to focus on other business priorities
  • Reduced initial hardware investment and avoided the cost of periodic refresh cycles with a cloud solution
  • Accelerated time to value with rapid, six-week deployment that was completed on time and on budget

Why Oracle

Eastern Communications considered many options—both cloud-based and on-premise—in its search for a sales automation solution. The company had several unique requirements, including the flexibility to support three different types of sales teams—commercial accounts, government sales, and channel/indirect sales. Eastern Communications, which has been in business for more than 39 years, has seen a lot of software companies come and go. It, therefore, wanted a solution from a company with staying power. Price was also a consideration.
Eastern Communications eventually narrowed down the field to Oracle and

Oracle Sales Cloud, appeared, for us, to deliver better value in terms of pricing and functionality. As important, our Oracle sales representative took the time and made the effort to make a personal visit to demo the solution. The personal touch was important.

— Scott Tschetter, Vice President, Eastern Communications


Eastern Communications implemented Oracle Sales Cloud on budget and on time—in about six weeks in late 2014. The group continues to expand its use of the system and its functionality. Eastern Communications plans to leverage the platform’s analytics capabilities to drive greater efficiency and sales opportunity precision.

About Eastern Communications


Long Island City, New York, United States



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million


Since it was the company’s first time implementing an automated sales system, Eastern Communications faced a significant learning curve and wanted a high-caliber partner with experience, a deep understanding of sales automation processes and the Oracle Sale Cloud solution, and the ability to help guide its implementation. It selected Oracle Specialized Platinum Partner Perficient, Inc., which tapped into its experience with more than 500 customer experience solution implementations to implement a working system in just six weeks. This process included defining new company-wide processes; solution configuration, implementation, and fine tuning; as well as staff training.
“Perficient delivered unique value to our organization. Unlike other firms, it was willing to do most of the work on site, side-by-side with our team members to transfer valuable knowledge about the powerful solution. Even with this high level of support, Perficient’s pricing was comparable to bids from the other organizations we considered. The Perficient team has prepared us well to get the most from our Oracle Sales Cloud platform,” Tschetter said.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 14, 2015