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Eazy ERP

Oracle Customer Success

Eazy ERP enhances performance and reduces costs with Oracle


Indian software provider Eazy ERP improves scalability, enhances performance, cuts downtime and optimizes costs with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

Eazy ERP is a 13-year-old company providing ERP, CRM, payroll, distribution management, and asset management software to small and medium-size businesses. Its flagship product, Eazy ERP, was the first ERP that was integrated with Tally, a popular accounting software in India. The company has more than 250 customers in India and abroad.

A few years ago, the company launched Eazy DMS, a distribution management software that helps companies keep track of their entire supply chain, from the distributor right down to the retailer, and has already acquired 50 blue-chip companies as clients.

Until recently, the company was serving its customers from a legacy on-premises infrastructure. The biggest challenge was scalability because the company’s customer base increased, and the data volumes grew phenomenally. That’s when Eazy ERP decided to move its IT infrastructure to a PaaS environment and then finally shift to SaaS.

Oracle’s compute performance and the performance of the infrastructure and servers is far better than what we were using with the traditional players, without even increasing the server configurations.

Kunal Singhal

Managing Director, Eazy ERP

Why Eazy ERP Chose Oracle

The company needed to scale its infrastructure quickly to handle a growing client base. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Eazy ERP was able to provision additional infrastructure in less than five minutes, instead of waiting for days to add additional servers to the on-premises infrastructure. The unparalleled scalability offered by OCI and the direct access to Oracle resources, unlike with competitors such as AWS and Azure, were some of the other key reasons the company chose Oracle.


After moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the performance of Eazy ERP’s applications has increased significantly. The performance that the company used to get on eight servers it now gets on only four servers. Incidents or outages have also been almost entirely eliminated—from once in three to four days to almost negligible service outages—thus tremendously increasing reliability.

In addition, the company has been optimizing its infrastructure and usage. This has led to greater efficiency and cost optimization. By being able to shut down its servers at night, Eazy ERP has significantly increased its price-performance ratio.

With Oracle, the biggest advantage we got was the ability to scale up within five minutes. We don’t have to wait for the service provider to set up a new server. This has been a major, major help for us.

Kunal Singhal

Managing Director, Eazy ERP