EBC cuts technology costs and improves operational efficiency with OCI

The business school increases growth by consolidating data in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for improved system performance.


Oracle provides support from technical staff who help us solve problems with backup, with resource growth, and with access management.

Juan Manuel ZenilGeneral Director of Support and Services, Banking and Commercial School, EBC

The Banking and Commercial School (EBC) of Mexico provides undergraduate and graduate programs in business. EBC needed to update its IT environment to support ambitious growth plans. Company leaders wanted to tap cloud technology and process automation for improved operational efficiencies and decision-making. The company selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its robust capabilities, strong security standards, and competitive licensing costs. After migrating to OCI, EBC consolidated its data in the cloud, which helped reduce communication times between internal systems and establish more responsive operations with less manual work for technology staff.

Published:April 18, 2024