Edelbrock cuts reporting time by half with Oracle Cloud

The manufacturer of specialty automotive and motorcycle parts standardizes its reporting processes with Oracle Cloud to simplify business analysis.


We chose Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to consolidate data from different sources and to enable a single source of truth with a consistent understanding of financials, summary sales, combined sales, open POs, and supply chain risk.

Harrison KangIT Director, Edelbrock Group

Business challenges

Founded in 1938, Edelbrock is recognized as one of the United States’ premier designers, manufacturers, and distributors of performance replacement parts for the automotive aftermarket, including early- and late-model performance cars, trucks, Japanese domestic market products, and off-road applications.

The company produces its core products using state-of-the-art equipment and world-class manufacturing facilities across the country. The company encompasses multiple locations, including headquarters, manufacturing, and distribution in Olive Branch, Mississippi; R&D in Cerritos, California; two casting foundries in San Jacinto, California; carburetor manufacturing in Sanford, North Carolina; and the Edelbrock Race Center in Mooresville, North Carolina.

At the beginning of 2020, Edelbrock merged with the COMP Performance Group to form the Edelbrock Group, which consists of COMP Cams, Edelbrock, FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology), Russell Performance, and TCI Automotive. With five industry power brands now headquartered together in Mississippi, Edelbrock Group wanted to improve the process of creating reports and gaining business insights on its financials, sales, supply chain, and inventory for departmental users and executive management.

To achieve this goal, the group needed a solution that could consolidate data from Oracle E-Business Suite and other ERP systems and quickly produce consistent, accurate reports for employees and executives working in multiple company functions.

From an IT perspective, Edelbrock Group wanted to transition away from the time-consuming and tedious process of manually creating reports from disparate systems each time there was a request for certain types of information. The group needed to reduce the number of business intelligence tools it used and to eliminate systems that were not serving any real value by shifting to a single solution.

Why Edelbrock Chose Oracle

After considering building a custom solution, Edelbrock Group selected Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to centralize data and to eliminate the complexities of operating and securing a data warehouse. The group also selected Oracle Analytics Cloud to provide visual, self-service reporting and analysis for power users and business users in various departments. This approach enables the organization to take advantage of its Oracle E-Business Suite system by extending data management and analytics with Oracle Cloud.


With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics Cloud, which run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the company has reduced operations costs by trimming the number of systems it has to maintain and support, and by simplifying the job of IT. The group was surprised by how quickly it was able to extract the data from its legacy system and begin creating reports and analyses; it expects to reduce the time required to create reports by a minimum of 50%—the result of rapidly extracting ERP data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and then building reports in Oracle Analytics Cloud within minutes.

The new system reduces the time and effort needed to respond to information requests from business users and executive management, which previously required as much as half a day, to less than an hour—and in some cases to just minutes. The purpose is to enable all employees, including power users and ad hoc users, to create their own analysis and reports.

Published:June 4, 2021