Edenred Mexico moves payroll to the cloud with Oracle Cloud HCM

With Oracle Cloud HCM, the Mexico-based Edenred gains a cloud-based payroll system that supports its commitment to employees. 


This partnership allows me to honor a sacred commitment: delivering precise, specific, reliable employee and collaborator payments. Payroll has to have an element of certainty, and I chose Oracle Cloud HCM because I know that it’s backed up by the full strength of Oracle.

Pablo Habichayn PolloniHuman Resources Director, Edenred Mexico

Business challenges

Edenred Mexico is the leading digital platform for services and payments, and the everyday companion for people at work. For 40 years, Edenred Mexico has been providing digital solutions for groceries, gasoline, and corporate business needs. From developing electronic wallets—the first to be certified by the Mexican Tax Administration Service—to incorporating QR codes for contactless payments, Edenred is at the forefront of innovation and has always been the digital leader in its industry.

Recently, the company launched an internal transformation to become more agile and to better serve its employees and collaborators. To support this transformation, the Edenred HR team needed a new tool to manage payroll, calculate tax withholding, and ensure availability. As the company was migrating its operations to the cloud, it needed a cloud-based payroll solution that integrated with its existing tools.

The best thing about Oracle Payroll is that it is available at all times—we can be certain that our data is backed up to the cloud. Fears about availability and reliability no longer keep me or my team up at night.

Pablo Habichayn PolloniHuman Resources Director, Edenred Mexico

Why Edenred Mexico chose Oracle

Edenred was an early adopter of Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Mexico, and it chose Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to ensure seamless data exchange between the accounting and payroll systems.

Edenred had an exemplary track record of accurate payroll, but the HR team wanted to reach new heights. The team wanted a solution that could automatically incorporate changes brought about by legislation into payroll workflows. Edenred also wanted to make payroll information available to employees via a mobile app. Because it was 100% based in the cloud, Oracle Cloud HCM enabled the company to pursue these goals while also remaining digital, a priority for Edenred Mexico.


Using Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Payroll, Edenred reinforced its payroll process, knowing that no calculations would have to be redone because a parameter is not pursuant to the law. Now, the four-person HR team can execute payroll 20% faster and with more certainty.

With the cloud-based payroll system, the company has the certainty that its data is backed up and available at all times. And the company has achieved its goal of elevating its payroll.

Oracle Cloud HCM also allows the HR team to run payroll budget simulation scenarios. For instance, the team could simulate how a salary raise or an increase in new hires could affect the company. This capability supports Edenred’s strategic planning and allows the HR team to optimize company resources.


Edenred selected consulting firm Quanam, an Oracle Gold Partner, to assist with the implementation.

Published:February 4, 2022