EdgeQ accelerates product development, reduces TCO with Oracle Cloud

EdgeQ turns to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to accelerate simulation, emulation, and verification of the world's first 5G base station on a chip.

Oracle Cloud afforded EdgeQ the ability to execute on our 5G vision with customer-centric services, uncompromising performance, and a friendly business model.

Hari GangadharanHead of Silicon Engineering and India Country Manager, EdgeQ

Business challenges

With a strong belief in a hyperconnected world inspired by edge intelligence, EdgeQ is creating the industry’s first 5G plus AI base station on a chip. The company aims to reconstitute 5G in a format that is simple, consumable, and intuitive for customers to deploy economically and quickly.

A startup with a global footprint, the company did not want to invest heavily in a data center infrastructure to keep track of sprawling IT operations. It needed a cloud platform that would scale economically, was right-sized, and agile to provision on demand while ensuring a lower capital investment.

EdgeQ also needed an environment with the right price/performance ratio of resources, support, and access.

The company evaluated multiple cloud services providers, including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and AWS. While some provided exorbitant cost structures that were not amenable to a startup, others were not centrally located to its design center. Some could not support large compute and memory instances, and others provided a rigid cost structure tied to instance types, with no option to scale down.

Why EdgeQ chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it offered a more flexible and scalable business model not tied to any server instance type or storage. The pay-as-you-go pricing model that is linked to usage, along with enterprise support and access to Arm-based servers, was another factor in OCI’s favor.

EdgeQ conducted multiple proofs of concept across various engineering teams to ensure that OCI’s performance met its scaling, performance, and  multiuser/multitenant needs. Besides OCI’s highly scalable, secure, and resilient environment, Oracle provides expertise across vertical industries, a wide range of cloud offerings, and a clear client focus.


By moving to OCI, EdgeQ improved its agility by accelerating new product development and realizing business growth and expansion, and reduced TCO. Capital expenditure is 35% to 45% lower with OCI’s pay-as-you-go model compared to AWS.

In addition, EdgeQ’s design for test and physical design teams are pleased with OCI’s performance and user experience.

Because EdgeQ has multiple teams, projects, and instances that need to be coordinated, the scheduling functionality of OCI has helped in reducing the duplication of data in each server. Backed by Oracle’s best-in-class support setup, EdgeQ can parse project schedules and designs with minimal interruption and disruption. OCI has also helped EdgeQ parse and deconstruct complex chip design into malleable bits, allowing it to design and integrate seamlessly in parallel.

Published:January 28, 2022