Edion speeds batch processing by 40% with Oracle Cloud

The electronics retailer moves to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, realizing processing speed improvements and significant reductions to operating load.


Strength in the face of change is what we need in this day and age. We believe that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is ideal for helping us handle the future of business, like cloud native business applications and in-house system operation.

Nobuyuki MatsufujiHead of Information Systems Planning Division, Edion

Business challenges

Edion is a leading electronics retailer with approximately 1,200 stores across Japan. In addition to its primary electronics business, the company is also involved in home remodeling and housing, logistics, and education.

Its IT division runs a large-scale linchpin system, which at one point consisted of over 100 physical and virtual servers. The linchpin system was run in an on-premises environment using Oracle Exadata Database Machines. While it was adept at quickly handling a massive amount of data, and there were no issues with performance, Edion began looking into cloud services due to on-premises storage restrictions, and the ongoing need to update hardware and software.

The company decided a cloud native approach would reduce operational costs and allow Edion to quickly adapt to environmental changes and diversify its business.

Thanks to the close support provided by Oracle Consulting team, we were able to move all 12 of our large-scale enterprise linchpin systems over to OCI in just three short hours. Not only were we able to achieve 24/7 availability, but we were also able to implement disaster recovery, which is very, very important to us.

Yoji KoboriSystem Producer, Information Systems Planning Division, Edion

Why Edion chose Oracle

After numerous proof of concept tests, Edion decided that only Oracle Cloud Infrastructure could deliver the high-level results the company was looking for.

The retailer wanted to either match or exceed the processing and performance of its on-premises Oracle Exadata Database Machine environment, but this time with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle proposed moving to a combination of new cloud services running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, with Oracle Exadata Cloud Service and Compute.



Edion’s move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was completed in just three hours. The retailer used Oracle GoldenGate to move most of its data over to the cloud beforehand, allowing the company to move 12 enterprise systems onto OCI in one night.

While the processing speed in its on-premises environment was sufficient, Edion was still able to see speed improvements from moving to OCI. Previously, batch processing would take at least 12 hours, but on OCI, the process has been sped up by 40%.

Additionally, moving to the cloud has allowed the company to greatly reduce the man-hours needed to manage IT assets and hardware. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also features several cost benefits, like free Java maintenance, and no transfer fees for the exclusive communication line between the company and the cloud.

Through system redundancy, there is no risk of data loss during disasters, and maintenance can be performed without system downtime. Additionally, designing its linchpin system on Oracle’s Cloud Maximum Availability Architecture has allowed Edion to ensure high service availability.


Oracle Consulting worked with Edion on the implementation.

Published:November 24, 2021