Emersion picks Oracle Cloud over AWS for key database workloads

The Australian based billing and subscription company trusts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to increase resiliency and improve price/performance of its core Oracle Database.

In terms of future costing, we’re expecting to see benefit from moving to the OCI platform, particularly as we start to globalize and require additional redundancy and capacity. Having done that on our previously bare metal platform would have been quite cost-prohibitive and geographically restrictive, whereas moving to the OCI platform gives us a lot more flexibility in the way that we architect the solution.

Paul DundasCEO, Emersion

Business challenges

Emersion Systems, based in Melbourne, is a leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement, payment, provisioning, and subscription billing software, as well as services. The company serves a range of customers, mainly in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, including managed service providers, independent software vendors, systems integrators, utilities, and telecom providers and is rapidly expanding.

Emersion was founded in 2006, and in April 2020 became a subsidiary of digital banking and payment company Novatti Group (ASX:NOV). Emersion helps customers automate their sign-up, ordering, billing, and collection processes, allowing them to focus more of their time and resources on engaging and serving their own customers.

Emersion wanted to free up its own staff to focus more on product development and customer-facing work and less on system administration and maintenance. Having already moved most of its internal systems to the cloud, it decided to also move the bare metal hosted Oracle Database that underpinned its core cloud software offering, as well as the supporting compute capacity.

When you face challenges in the cloud, it means you need a partner that you can rely on, that support is responsive, and our experience with Oracle today has shown when it’s needed, Oracle is here to help.

Martin EdgeCTO, Emersion

Why Emersion Systems Chose Oracle

Moving those core workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the natural choice. “When we  partner with someone, we try to partner with the strongest company in that area,” says Emersion CTO Martin Edge. “So obviously, with most of our database work revolving around Oracle, who better to engage in moving that to the cloud than Oracle itself?”

As Emersion looks to expand its footprint beyond Australia, New Zealand and Singapore into Europe and the Americas, the company sought a partner with a truly global cloud footprint.


Among the benefits Emersion is realizing from its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure implementation are increased database resiliency, the ability to expand and contract its database and compute capacity as needed, and increased database performance.

In testing an updated Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Emersion increased the normal load 3 times and the database performed “three times better” than the company’s hosted production environment at the time, CTO Martin Edge confirms.

“So once we got to that point, it was pretty much a rhetorical question whether we could have confidence in the network,” he says. “We had confidence in the latency. We know we’ve got the right skill base. We know Oracle is going to be good with anything data.”

One key additional benefit of Oracle Cloud is lower costs, as the company no longer needs to overprovision its Oracle Database. Emersion estimates an annual savings of more than 40% using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure rather than a comparable service from Amazon Web Services. “When it came to operating the Oracle platform, AWS pricing and the support that they put around it are a lot more expensive from what we could see from Oracle,” Edge says.

Published:July 22, 2020