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Oracle Customer Success—EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

EnBW Improves License Usage for Its High-Availability Database Platform


It was a pleasure to work with Oracle License Management Services. Its highly knowledgeable license experts are cooperative and consensus-oriented. We gained comprehensive visibility of our existing licenses and usage of Oracle software. Thanks to the accurate inventory of Oracle software licenses throughout the organization, we are able to improve our software management and increase efficiency.

— Nino Stiefel, Senior Manager Information Technology, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG

With a workforce of around 20,000 employees, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG supplies electricity, gas, water, and energy-related products and services to 5.5 million customers. Given its origins, and as a company that is majority owned by the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg and Oberschwäbische Elektrizitätswerke—a municipal, special-purpose association—its connection to Baden-Württemberg is particularly strong. EnBW aims to be the first point of contact for its customers—households, industries, and municipalities—in all matters affecting energy. The company is striving to achieve this aspiration based on the strength of its experience and innovation, combined with expertise in listening and dialog. Working closely with customers, EnBW is creating new growth opportunities with new products and local solutions for a sustainable supply of energy and enhanced energy efficiency. It will forge ahead with the expansion of renewable energies—first and foremost in wind and hydropower—while securing the supply of energy through cutting-edge, conventional power plants. Its grid subsidiaries are preparing the ground for integrating an increasing volume of renewable energies and smart-energy systems into the grid.
EnBW uses Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, with Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Partitioning, and Oracle Real Application Clusters, as a high-availability data foundation for its SAP software, which ranges from energy-related applications to enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems. Unscheduled application downtime can be costly for modern electricity trading as it may prevent the organization from placing a bid or awarding a contract on electricity wholesale markets.
In 2010, EnBW signed an Unlimited License Agreement with Oracle, which specified that an inventory of Oracle software licenses and usage within the organization and three EnBW-associated companies would be conducted when the contract expired.
EnBW contracted Oracle Partner Trivadis to perform the inventory of Oracle software licenses and software usage. Oracle License Management Services and EnBW then worked together to assess and validate the inventory to confirm the number of licenses in use and compare that total to the company’s contractual entitlement.
“We saw the evaluation and discussion process, at all times, to be highly constructive, cooperative, and consensus-oriented. We felt that Oracle’s requirements were always appropriate and transparent, and were very satisfied with the support provided by Oracle License Management Services during the complex inventory of our Oracle licenses and usage profiles,” said the Senior Manager Information Technology at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Nino Stiefel.
As a result of the license assessment, EnBW gained an even better understanding for measuring Oracle software usage and managing Oracle software licenses across the organization. This enabled better usage of the company’s Oracle software portfolio and further reduced the risk of under licensing.

About EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG


Karlsruhe, Germany


approx. 20,000


Oracle Partner Trivadis conducted the manual inventory of all Oracle software licenses and software usage at EnBW and three EnBW-associated companies. The inventory formed the basis for the fine-tuning, jointly carried out by EnBW and Oracle License Management Services.
Published:  Feb 12, 2015