Enersense powers sustainable energy with Oracle Field Service

The renewable energy company uses Oracle Field Service to empower mobile resources across Europe.


Oracle Field Service provides us with better insight into how tasks are performed, allowing us to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Lauri SuokannasIT Director, Enersense

Business challenges

Through a versatile portfolio of services, Enersense is dedicated to creating a zero-emission society by helping the world move toward clean, renewable energy sources. The company works in a diverse set of industries—including manufacturing, energy, construction, and telecommunications—and has over 2,000 employees across 40 countries.

The company aims to increase its share of low- or zero-emission energy to 75% by 2025. More recently, Enersense has invested in green hydrogen production, the first in Finland and one of the first in the world.

As an international service provider, Enersense dispatches mobile resources across industries and countries. However, scaling successful service delivery across multiple countries was a major challenge for the company. Among other pain points, Enersense lacked a modern mobile application, which resulted in overly manual processes and lengthy installation tasks. Enersense required not only well-equipped resources in the field, but also real-time communication tools, efficient resource utilization, and the ability to adapt to frequent change.

Oracle Field Service gives Enersense better capabilities to answer to customer needs and new development ideas. It’s easier to find ways to improve and implement changes.

Eero VarjolaService Architect, Project and Task Delivery, Enersense

Why Enersense chose Oracle

Enersense previously ran on TOA Field Service, a SaaS platform that was acquired by Oracle in 2014. To meet the demands of its growing business, Enersense decided to stay with Oracle Field Service, part of the Oracle Advertising and CX suite of applications, because of the improvements made to the software. Compared to other systems, Enersense found Oracle Field Service to be more flexible, configurable, and agile.


Since implementing Oracle Field Service, Enersense has optimized processes for resources in the field, increased its utilization of mobile applications, and improved communications across its workforce. Oracle Field Service has reduced the average time to site for an Enersense mobile resource to only 20 minutes. Oracle Field Service intelligently schedules mobile resources based on staff skills and the type of work, which has greatly improved the company’s ability to respond to service requests quickly and efficiently.

In addition to intelligently and automatically assigning work based on skill sets, Oracle Field Service optimizes resources en route to work sites and standardizes work processes in the field. The mobile application creates a single source of truth for repairs, and each mobile resource proceeds through the same steps from start to finish on each job. This process has accelerated work times and standardized work results for Enersense. Oracle Field Service also helps to manage over 200 daily work orders, keeping track of unique schedule requirements and optimizing work across the business.

Additionally, Oracle Field Service has allowed for direct communication between office and service support teams, enabling better task management and the ability to collect information needed for invoices in the field.

Oracle Field Service also automatically notifies a mobile resource of potential safety hazards and important reminders. This communication extends to the customer throughout the entire service lifecycle. Enersense customers have noticed these changes, and as a result, satisfaction has been on the rise.

With the success of Oracle Field Service, Enersense also adopted Oracle Sales and Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). This footprint has allowed Oracle to become the company’s vendor of choice, with Oracle Cloud HCM and Oracle Cloud ERP also selected for implementation. A single, cloud-based platform with end-to-end capabilities will allow Enersense to grow and prepare for the future.

Published:February 25, 2022