Entel improves performance by 3X with Oracle Exadata

Entel uses Oracle Exadata to accelerate essential Oracle Databases by 3X and improve security while advancing the company’s digital transformation.

We have used Exadata systems for the past five years to support many applications across dozens of lines of business, including crucial billing and network management systems. By using Exadata, we improved mission-critical Oracle Database performance by up to 3X, and reduced our security exposure.

Helder BrancoHead of IT Operations, Entel

Business challenges

Entel is a leading Latin American telecommunications company with operations in Chile and Peru. Entel needed to continually increase Oracle Database capacity and performance for key applications while maximizing data security and controlling costs.

We are taking our digital transformations to the next level by moving more than 30 databases to Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer and improving security with its self-securing capabilities.

Helder BrancoHead of IT Operations, Entel

Why Entel Chose Oracle

During the past five years, Entel has used Oracle Exadata to increase the performance of its Oracle Databases by up to 3X and improve security. Entel selected Oracle Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer because of its self-securing capabilities, which will enable the company to optimize protection of critical network management and billing data.


Entel is increasing its DBA and developer focus on creating new applications for customers because the machine-learning based capabilities of Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud@Customer allows Entel to eliminate manual tuning, as well as system and database management.

Published:August 7, 2020