ERP Soluciones is 50% more efficient with Oracle Cloud HCM

Mexican technology company ERP Soluciones automates human resources processes and optimizes team assignments using Oracle Cloud HCM.


Before we had Oracle Cloud HCM, our HR area was 90% operational and 10% strategic. With this solution, we now are 70% more strategic for the organization and 30% operational.

Ismael García FigueroaOrganizational Development Coordinator, ERP Soluciones

Business challenges

ERP Soluciones is a technology firm with more than 20 years of experience in the market and a presence in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the United States. As an Oracle partner, ERP Soluciones sells various Oracle products and offers consulting and implementation services. The firm has extensive experience implementing Oracle solutions, with specialization in enterprise resource planning (ERP) financial modules and growing expertise in human capital management (HCM) as well as customer experience and supply chain solutions.

To support future growth, the company needed to automate HR processes and eliminate manual tasks, allowing for more time to focus on strategic activities. It wanted to centralize all HR data and be able to generate reliable key performance indicators.

Oracle Cloud HCM has enabled us to manage our human talent. We can map people with a luxury of details: their knowledge, their skills, their certifications. That’s how we grow as a company.

Ismael García FigueroaOrganizational Development Coordinator, ERP Soluciones

Why ERP Soluciones Chose Oracle

Because ERP Soluciones has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge about Oracle solutions, the decision to implement Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to address its challenges was simple. Although company leaders did analyze competitors’ offerings, this evaluation only confirmed their decision that Oracle’s solution was the best choice, thanks to its long-term reliability and regular updates.


With Oracle Cloud HCM, ERP Soluciones managed to centralize information across the organization and is now 50% more efficient in HR operations. Before implementation, generating a report could take as long as 24 hours while the database was downloaded and certifications were reviewed. Any report is now completed with a click, and because the reports are fully automated, the information obtained is not subject to human error and is more reliable. ERP Soluciones’ HR team now optimizes time and resources, because employees no longer have to focus on operational issues and can dedicate more hours to strategic activities. The company plans to implement Oracle Payroll to ensure compliant and configurable payroll across the countries where it operates.

In addition, the company has replaced endless emails with a module where employee vacation requests, attendance records, or any other incident can be viewed, which has cut HR response times by 90%. Among other benefits, during the pandemic ERP Soluciones developed protocols for controlling the coronavirus, including contact tracing.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, the company also gained a more detailed view of its consulting staff, including which certifications they have and which ones they are studying—making the task of assigning consultants to clients more efficient. The recruitment process is also easier now, because the company can verify in real time whether active staff have the certifications required by a client bid for services.

Finally, the solution facilitates remote work, a key issue for ERP Soluciones. Many of the company's consultants work outside of Mexico City, but can stay in touch with the HR team via Oracle Cloud HCM.

Published:July 30, 2021