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ESET, spol. s r.o.

Oracle Customer Success

ESET increases sales leads with Oracle Marketing Cloud


ESET increases IT security sales and supports global growth by automating marketing processes

ESET is an IT security company providing business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions to more than 110 million users in over 200 countries and territories. The company sells its solutions through a global network of resellers. ESET needed to streamline its marketing activities to increase cohesion, improve customer engagement, and support its anticipated growth in various markets.

Business challenges

  • Support growth of IT security solution sales across distinct global markets by implementing a comprehensive and flexible marketing platform with automated processes and the ability to integrate and manage data from multiple sources
  • Standardize and automate B2B and B2C email marketing communication across 14 regional ESET offices and security software distributors in more than 180 countries
  • Boost marketing effectiveness with the ability to test various campaigns and methods without needing to wait weeks to see the results, and to rapidly deploy successful strategies across similar markets
  • Enhance lead management by consolidating disparate forms from across ESET’s global website—ensuring that leads from industry events are properly captured and channeled, and boosting customer engagement through more personalized and data-driven communications

With Oracle Marketing Cloud, we optimized the frequency and quality of our marketing communications and increased qualified lead generation already in the first six months. We can now rapidly test various targeted campaigns for our security products, and immediately scale them across markets.

Viktor Ďuriš

Senior CLM Team Lead, ESET, spol. s r.o.


  • Increased IT security solution sales and enhanced customer engagement by automating hundreds of marketing programs and consolidating all marketing data on an integrated Oracle Marketing Cloud solution consisting of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service and Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service
  • Boosted sales leads within six months of implementing Oracle Eloqua, leveraging the solution’s ability to nurture leads by identifying and tracking user data, create active customer segments, and deliver highly personalized messages to improve open rates and click-to-open rates (CTOR)
  • Leveraged Oracle Responsys’ multivariate testing to explore different marketing scenarios without needing to wait several weeks for feedback—for example, to determine the most opportune times to send out license renewal reminders in a given market or to launch upselling campaigns
  • Standardized and automated email marketing communication throughout ESET’s global offices and a multitude of resellers in various markets—enabling a single employee to manage and continually optimize B2C email marketing across the entire DACH region with Oracle Responsys
  • Enhanced marketing service delivery, thanks to a highly flexible data model—for example, enabling ESET to satisfy 99% of the marketing requirements of its diverse global offices and business partners simply by structuring its data using Oracle Responsys’ Supplemental Data Tables (SUPs) and Profile Extension Tables
  • Achieved significant global marketing efficiencies by unifying and standardizing data received from disparate sources, and in various formats, on a single platform—for example, by integrating Oracle Eloqua with numerous third-party customer relationship management systems that are used by different ESET offices and security products distributors throughout the world
  • Enabled ESET to test in one market various automated marketing models that can be rapidly replicated and scaled if successful, thanks to the ability to effectively segment customers—for example, based on security licenses purchased, geographical location, or customer longevity—and closely monitor their behavior
  • Unified and standardized all customer forms across ESET’s global website to streamline complex B2B lead processing—ensuring rapid follow-up and effective management via the correct marketing team and sales channel
  • Improved the relevancy of marketing communications by amalgamating data from customers when they are interacting on ESET’s website, submitting online forms, or activating security software licenses—significantly boosting customer engagement and upselling success
  • Delivered a comprehensive cloud marketing platform that is integrated with local and global sales calendars—enabling ESET to time its marketing activities to coincide with IT security conferences, webinars, and exhibitions; and to effectively capture, score, and nurture the leads generated at these events

We selected Oracle Marketing Cloud because of its flexible data model, which is not offered by most vendors, and its ability to integrate with numerous third-party systems. These were perfectly suited to our company’s complex data structure and large independent network of security software resellers.

Viktor Ďuriš

Senior CLM Team Lead, ESET, spol. s.r.o.