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Essatto Software

Oracle Customer Success

Essatto Software accelerates time to market with Oracle


Australian software developer expands its global operations and migrates to a SaaS model with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Business challenges

Essatto Software provides data analytics, budgeting and forecasting, management reporting, and business intelligence to its customers. The company focuses on the price-sensitive midmarket area, where it has helped its customers bring disruptive products to market.

Previously, Essatto was primarily an on-premises business that offered its products with a perpetual license that included maintenance and support. As the market changed, the company realized that it had to move its offerings to the cloud to stay competitive and remain relevant to its customers.

The relationship, reliability, and cost savings were the main things that brought us to this outcome of moving to the cloud. The experience of having worked with Oracle for a long time and the results of that experience gave us a lot of confidence that with Oracle, we could provide a safe and secure whole cloud experience for ourselves and for our customers.

Guy Ioppolo

Managing Director, Essatto Software

Why Essatto Software Chose Oracle

Before zeroing in on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Essatto Software considered Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Pricing and flexibility were the two main reasons why the company decided to go with Oracle Cloud.

Oracle offered more flexibility in building the types of environments that Essatto needed. The company’s longstanding relationship with Oracle was also a contributing factor in the decision to go with OCI.


Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helped Essatto offer a software-as-a-service model to its customers—a necessary step to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The company was also able to provide immediate access to its customers outside Australia and expand its operations globally.

Essatto was able to run a diverse stack of technology in unison, seamlessly on Oracle Cloud. The company has also been able to speed up its go-to-market schedule and enhance collaboration across geographies, including the US and Europe.