Essentia Energia revamps financial management processes with Oracle Cloud ERP

The Brazilian renewable energy company reduces its dependency on spreadsheets and boosts the security of its financial data with Oracle Cloud.


Oracle Cloud ERP offers simplicity of use and cost effectiveness. Additionally, the fact that the solution is cloud native was a decisive factor for Essentia.

Juliana AraújoController, Essentia Energia

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Energized for the cloud

Founded in 2020, Essentia Energia specializes in the generation of solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy for the Brazilian market. For its first years in business, the company operated without a formal ERP platform, instead relying on third-party systems and spreadsheets for core financial management processes. To support its growth, Essentia needed to consolidate all financial information into one system without risking data loss. Essentia chose Oracle Cloud ERP for its simplicity of use, strong cost-benefit ratio, and cloud native functionality. Today, Oracle Cloud ERP helps Essentia track its entire payment cycle, from issuing purchase orders to receiving and paying invoices. The company also reduced operational errors in the back office and implemented access controls to provide greater data security.

Published:September 13, 2023