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Oracle Customer Success

Oracle (formerly Talari) SD-WAN optimizes bandwidth for EvensonBest workspaces


Office furniture is more than desks chairs, credenzas and conference tables—a lot more. It’s actually thousands and thousands of parts and pieces, each made custom, to order. Knowing which pieces go together, and getting them all on site and in the right order for customers like Verizon, Tiffany & Co and Etsy is what EvensonBest does better than anybody.

Business challenges

  • Deliver 100% network availability

I still look both ways before I cross the street, but now I’m a lot less fearful of oncoming buses.

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Bulletproof the WAN

The entire process from design (via CAD), to electronic order entry, to iPad-toting installers using electronic blueprints, requires uninterrupted access to the network and server farms in the U.S. and around the world. So, if the network was unavailable, everything stopped.

At EvensonBest’s New York City headquarters, there was running a joke about needing to protect the network guru, Martin Silverman, from being hit by a bus.

The company had a secondary IPSec VPN network, so that if a primary MPLS link failed, the backup link would take over. But that wasn’t good enough. “Routing protocols aren’t as responsive as they need to be,” says Silverman. “If I have two networks and can route over two networks, and the first one goes down, within a minute or two, it will fail over. But if the first network is dropping every third packet or retransmitting a lot of packets, the network may be crawling, but it may not switch over automatically.”

“The four-hour support you get with an MPLS service contract—which is the best you can get—is great except for when your business is actually down for four hours.”

What he needed was automation. “It became necessary to find a solution to allow us to make the network bulletproof to failure and network degradation,” Silverman says.

Ensure Application Availability

Silverman thoroughly researched and tested different approaches, and ultimately became an early adopter of Oracle’s SD-WAN solution. An Oracle SD-WAN creates a smart, responsive last-mile network that adapts in real time to bandwidth demand and actual network conditions so that critical applications take the best quality path through the network at all times. That bulletproof connectivity ensures service provider outages, congestion and poor link quality won’t stand in the way of EvensonBest’s business.

“Talari looks at the traffic on a packet-by-packet basis and puts each packet over the best pipe,” says Silverman. “I still look both ways before I cross the street, but now I’m a lot less fearful of oncoming buses,” Silverman notes.

An Oracle SD-WAN had another big benefit. EvensonBest now has full use of the bandwidth it buys. All locations have access to the aggregated bandwidth of the primary and secondary links at all times. “The aggregation was a bonus for us,” he says.

Having an Oracle SD-WAN soon proved its mettle—by allowing Silverman to enjoy his daughter’s college graduation weekend. His largest service provider had a 14-hour outage, but thanks to Oracle, not a single EvensonBest employee had their work interrupted. “When I checked my email, I had about 500 messages from the provider,” he recalls. “I called our people in New York, and asked why they didn’t tell me the network was down. They said, ‘we’re not down. We don’t have a single open ticket from a user saying they can’t access something.’”

“Our network was bulletproof,” he says. “I didn’t have to miss my daughter’s graduation to reconfigure the network.”

A High-Quality User Experience

Latency-sensitive traffic like VoIP and conferencing are prioritized and sent over the links with the lowest packet loss and latency—whether that link is MPLS or broadband—so applications run at the highest quality. Line-of-business applications, with heavy-duty design, modeling and rendering files, take full advantage of the aggregated link capacity of all available circuits.

With an Oracle SD-WAN, the best quality bandwidth—whether MPLS or broadband—is always used. Each path is constantly assessed for packet loss, latency, jitter and availability. If a quality issue occurs, critical traffic can be shifted to the better quality link in less than a second so users and their applications aren’t negatively impacted.

Greater Visibility, More Accountability

Silverman has detailed visibility into the performance of the WAN. “The diagnostics on the Talari appliance are so good that it actually solves a lot of problems,” he says. He cites an example with a problematic link to the Washington, D.C. office. The service provider was not seeing the packet loss, but cold, hard data from Talari got the problem escalated—and resolved—quickly.

Change WAN Economics

EvensonBest has a bulletproof network, but Silverman isn’t stopping there. He plans to eliminate the expensive primary MPLS and shift entirely to broadband. It will keep the router-based IPSec VPN as a tertiary network. Broadband delivers more bandwidth for less money, and with an Oracle SD-WAN, EvensonBest can count on a highly available, high-throughput network, so users have a great application experience. And it can reduce spending even as bandwidth demands grow.

“We’ve had a very good experience with Talari,” Silverman concludes.


  • Delivered a better user experience for VoIP and line-of-business applications
  • Protected against service provider outages, congestion and dirty links
  • Improved network visibility simplifies troubleshooting

Our network was bulletproof. I didn’t have to miss my daughter’s graduation to reconfigure the network.

Published: February 25, 2019