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Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University Cuts IT Costs by 25% with Oracle Engineered Systems


By consolidating 9 databases and 2 legacy servers onto Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we processed course registration 3x faster during peak period and boosted the efficiency to provide campus services by up to 40%. The integrated platform also reduced our ownership costs by US$265,000.

— SJ Yun, IT Deputy Manager, Office of Information and Communication/Central Library, Ewha Womans University

Ewha Womans University Responds to Student Queries 3x Faster, Improves Service Efficiency by 40%, and Reduces Ownership Costs by US$265,000

Ewha Womans University (Ewha) is Korea’s leading institute for women’s education and also a basic science research center. It provides a broad range of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs, such as arts, engineering, and science, to students across the globe. Ewha is also one of the selected universities to receive government subsidy from the Korean Ministry of Education to promote industry education and create more female engineering talents in the future.

To achieve global excellence and become one of the world’s top 100 universities by 2020, Ewha needed to adopt an integrated IT platform and deliver an advanced teaching and research environment for its educational programs.

  • Integrate multiple databases for campus services, including student administration, class registration, an online portal, and a central library, to improve data processing speed during peak periods and reduce IT costs
  • Increase the value of IT services by building an integrated database platform with dynamic resource distribution capabilities and enabling seamless transition into an Oracle Cloud environment
  • Enhance user experience by gaining a scalable IT platform to support the growth of university services and research requirements
  • Provided campus services to students up to 40% faster and enhanced user experience by using Oracle Exadata Database Machine’s Infiniband Network and Smart Scan technology to accelerate query performance—for example processing 20,000 queries made per second in just 1 minute instead of 3 minutes
  • Anticipated cutting total cost of ownership, including hardware and server maintenance costs, by approximately 25% (US$265,000) over 3 years by consolidating 9 disparate databases and 2 legacy Oracle’s SPARC servers onto Oracle Exadata, enabling the university to reduce database cores by 50%—just 36 cores rather than 76
  • Improved traffic capacity and minimized delays for processing course registration transactions by optimizing resource management with Oracle Exadata and enabling the university to prioritize both CPU and I/O operations at the database level  
  • Ensured continuous university operation by using Oracle Exadata’s complete redundant hardware and Oracle Real Application Clusters to minimize downtime for database backups, system configuration, and data migration due to network and server failures
  • Simplified system maintenance and provided more innovative IT services by using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to monitor end-to-end system performance and Oracle Diagnostic Pack and Oracle Partitioning to improve database availability and manageability
  • Laid a foundation to support the increased demand of university services and research programs by gaining a flexible and scalable architecture to provide public and private cloud services, thanks to Oracle Exadata’s elastic configuration for database and storage servers


We chose Oracle Exadata because of its proven stability and reputable industry position in performance and security. We were also using Oracle products for major systems, so it was easier to consolidate and migrate databases from Oracle as opposed to other vendors.

— SJ Yun, IT Deputy Manager, Office of Information and Communication/Central Library, Ewha Womans University


Ewha performed testing for database integration and online transaction performance during peak periods. The university then implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine X6-2 and Oracle Database Options to build an integrated IT infrastructure. It completed the installation and migration in just 10 months.  With support from Oracle’s technical team, the university now provides faster and reliable IT services.

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Established in 1886 as the first modern education institute for Korean women, Ewha Woman’s University is now a global center for women’s education and basic science research. It offers a wide range of study programs, including engineering, law, medicine, liberal arts, sciences, languages, and dance, via 14 undergraduate schools and 15 graduate curriculums.

Published:  Mar 31, 2017