Facily optimizes operations and customer service with Oracle Cloud

The Brazilian social commerce provider improves financial, tax, and logistics processes with Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM.


Oracle products allow flexibility when we need flexibility, but also a capability to stop processes that must be stopped. Our team has well-defined access to make certain modifications, often without consulting. All thanks to good documentation and good training.

André CariúsChief Technology Officer, Facily

Business challenges

Facily is a leading social commerce marketplace in Brazil. The company aims to provide an inclusive ecommerce experience that pays producers more and sells at a cheaper price to those who buy products via its gamified app, which connects consumers to the best prices through group purchases.

After a two- to three-digit growth rate for several consecutive months, customer service quality became a challenge for Facily, with the priority of keeping the consumer at the heart of the process. The company needed stable and scalable solutions that were compatible with the Brazilian market and tax system.

To keep up with the company's high sales volume, Facily needed an integrated solution that could handle financial management, inventory and logistics, and power the core functions of its marketplace.

Oracle was selected because it offered a complete suite, focused on security, stability, scalability, and handling.

Why Facily chose Oracle

Facily conducted a market study to evaluate services, and selected Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management, part of Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Oracle Retail.  The company found that Oracle offered a complete suite, focused on security, stability, and scalability.

Since the implementation, Facily has experienced zero downtime across key systems, processes, and commerce activities, ensuring high availability of customer service.


Today, Facily uses Oracle Cloud ERP to assist in financial, accounting, and tax management, while Oracle Warehouse Management manages inventory and logistics control.

Oracle Retail manages all tax intelligence and pricing, as well as margin gains in the purchase of products from producers.

Since the implementation, Facily has experienced zero downtime across key systems, processes, and commerce activities, ensuring high availability of customer service.

Oracle Cloud ERP has provided Facily with greater visibility into its data, enabling the company to centralize and equalize all master data that was previously spread across several systems. The entire purchasing process was implemented with Oracle Cloud ERP, following its standard flow, and the Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Services module, creating a fully auditable base from ordering and approvals to accounts payable. The company also achieved process automation for its accounting and financial sectors, replacing the use of numerous Excel spreadsheets. With Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Services, inventory control and purchasing have also improved.

Order processing through Oracle Cloud ERP has also enabled Facily to increase financial and tax compliance without interruptions to invoices, even on days with high purchase volume.

Oracle Warehouse Management has been essential to helping Facily streamline product sorting and picking, ensuring faster delivery. The system is also helping Facily to optimize inventory and logistics control, an essential factor in avoiding the charge of a freight fee from its customers.

Facily has a network of product pickup points formed by thousands of partners, where customers can receive their purchased items. Oracle Warehouse Management operates in this structure, enabling more agility in the exchange, replacement, and return of items to distribution centers, especially perishables, which has considerably minimized losses. The system also helped bring intelligence to delivery scheduling.

With the use of Oracle’s product suite, the time to implement changes in Facily's operations was reduced by more than 50%. With Oracle Cloud ERP, Oracle Warehouse Management, and Oracle Retail, the time to scale feature changes in the company's operation has been reduced from a month and a half to less than two weeks, a key benefit for an ecommerce provider working with an immense product mix and accelerated growth.


Facily’s project partners, which included Oracle Consulting, BRX, and TRI, helped define the scope of the project and supported decision making. Key resources were implemented in four months, and the complete process took nine months from start to finish. In addition to the abundant documentation, Oracle Consulting provided several training sessions for using the products.

Published:November 30, 2022

About the customer

Facily is the social commerce platform that brings together several products at incredible prices, to buy with family and friends.