Faradai helps companies slash energy costs with Oracle Cloud

Faradai uses Oracle Analytics Cloud to tap into sensor data found in commercial buildings and quickly and efficiently find energy savings.


We see Oracle as more of a strategic partner than just a cloud service provider. Through Oracle, we have been able to reach media and industry players that we wouldn’t have considered on our own. The partnership is helping expand our market reach.

Sahin CaglayanCofounder and CEO, Faradai (formerly Reengen)

Business challenges

Companies are awash in sensor data generated from IoT applications for temperatures, lighting, and air quality, but they need to automate it to make informed decisions quickly.

To serve that end, UK-based Faradai (formerly Reengen) works with 8,000 facilities in 10 countries to collect and analyze data and provide strategic guidance for major retailers including Zara, Gap, Marks and Spencer, and Banana Republic.

Faradai’s AI and Internet of Things platform is sensor-agnostic, pulling data from a variety of sensors and supervisory control and data acquisition systems.

The company also has added a predictive maintenance solution for manufacturers and is exploring working with municipalities on energy reduction programs for consumers.

Faradai wanted a strategic cloud partner that could help the company increase its product offerings and expand into a global footprint.

Oracle has access to the kinds of channels and partners we are interested in. We see the huge amount of support Oracle provides.

Sahin CaglayanCofounder and CEO, Faradai

Why Faradai Chose Oracle

After evaluating and testing solutions from several other cloud providers, Faradai chose Oracle for the security, scalability, and analytics features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), as well as the hands-on partnership provided with Oracle for Startups.


Oracle Cloud and Oracle Analytics Cloud help Faradai quickly and cost-effectively analyze energy usage, such as it recently did for BNP Paribas in Turkey. Faradai discovered that the ATM sites with high energy usage often had outdated exterior lighting. A simple change in lighting reduced the site’s energy consumption by 59%.

Faradai is so pleased with Oracle Cloud it is migrating its digital energy management offering from other clouds to Oracle. It recently handled a smooth migration for Bank Audi Turkey. 

Published:August 13, 2021