Fine Hygienic Holding innovates business with Oracle Cloud

The wellness company migrated to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, Autonomous Database, and Analytics Cloud for business expansion and operational efficiency.


To efficiently predict and meet customer demands and achieve our business objectives, we selected Oracle to transform and automate our core business processes. Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure have helped us achieve our goals by driving integration across our organization.

James Michael LaffertyCEO, Fine Hygienic Holding

Business challenges

Fine Hygienic Holding is one of the world’s leading wellness groups and manufacturers of sterilized tissue products, skin-friendly diapers, personal protective equipment, long-lasting germ protection products, and natural supplements. Headquartered in both Dubai, UAE, and Amman, Jordan, Fine has expanded across 80 countries.

Leaders of the fast-moving consumer goods company realized the legacy E-Business Suite and IT architecture were hampering growth. Constant manual intervention, which could be susceptible to fraud and human error, limited value. Scaling up systems to accommodate an ever-growing amount of data, including from social media, was expensive and involved purchasing and installing new hardware, which always required downtime. Applications had not been upgraded in several years and had become heavily customized. Upgrades to take advantage of the latest business innovation and collaboration would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company required a fundamental technology change to automate processes and use data for better decision-making, especially for supply chain and manufacturing for AI and robotics.

The ability to have accurate, real-time, scalable data lakes with Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse enables us to make accurate business decisions, from global expansion to predictive analytics of consumer behavior.

Yahyah PandorCIO, Fine Hygienic Holding

Why Fine Hygienic Holding Chose Oracle

After a broad analysis of global software vendors in the industry, staff workshops, and technology and functional modules, Fine Hygienic Holding decided to migrate all data and applications to Oracle Cloud.

“Oracle scored highest in our cloud-first strategy with the widest portfolio of integrated solutions and was supported with customer references,“ says CIO Yahyah Pandor.


In less than seven months, the company migrated all its HR business suite to Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, with Oracle Integration automating 100% of the business processes for 3,000 employees in the first phase. Oracle Master Data Management eliminated 57% of all data for clean data for reporting and analysis for complex product categories. Also, Fine Hygienic Holding now experiences the latest innovations seamlessly whenever cloud upgrades are available, at no additional cost. 

Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics Cloud, on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the company uses hundreds of gigabytes of data as a single source of truth for real-time decision-making. The autonomous cloud database and analytics platform eliminate maintenance and manual spreadsheets, delivering self-service global reporting and more than 20 dashboards with machine learning and graph capabilities from anywhere at any time with zero downtime. Automation of data integration from multiple sources was reduced from 12 hours to 37 minutes with Oracle Data Integrator, along with Oracle GoldenGate for real-time replication from E-Business Suite.

By moving infrastructure to the cloud, Fine Hygienic Holding has not only improved speed to market with automated provisioning and scalability to respond faster to opportunities, but also improved financial flexibility. IT shifted from CapEx to OpEx, since the pay-as-you-go cloud payment model eliminates up-front investments and matches benefits with costs to improve ROI. With increased visibility of IT spend by the dollar, management can budget accurately and explore opportunities to further reduce hardware spend.

Published:September 22, 2021