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Oracle Customer Success — Flexagon


Flexagon Accelerates Software Innovation for Firm and Its Customers and Speeds Sales Cycle with Infrastructure- and Platform-as-a-Service Solutions


With our pre-configured trial environment running on Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service, it’s exponentially easier for potential customers to try our solution FlexDeploy. It’s a perfect example of using the cloud to solve a business problem—boosting sales conversions.

— Dan Goerdt, President, Flexagon

Flexagon delivers DevOps and application release automation solutions that help organizations automate the software delivery lifecycle and improve the productivity and quality of software development. Its services center around award-winning implementation experience with Oracle Middleware. Using Flexagon solutions, including FlexDeploy, organizations can deliver their software faster, reduce costs, improve quality and agility, and drive value to their business.
  • Maximize resources focused on software development, Flexagon’s core business, as opposed to infrastructure management to drive greater innovation and faster time to market for new DevOps and application release automation solutions and capabilities
  • Give the firm’s software developer customers the ability to quickly ramp up or tear down environments to accelerate their software projects and reduce costs
  • Pivot effectively to the cloud to satisfy customer demand for faster software development innovation
  • Accelerate the evaluation and sales cycle for FlexDeploy, the company’s flagship DevOps and continuous delivery solution
  • Reduce software development cost and risk
  • Selected Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to accelerate development, testing, and deployment of the company’s FlexDeploy DevOps and application release automation solution
  • Empowered Flexagon and its software developer customers to accelerate solution delivery, ensure high quality software initiatives, and reduce development and deployment costs and risks with the option to consume FlexDeploy via the cloud
  • Deployed an instance of FlexDeploy in Oracle Java Cloud Service in just 15 minutes when first undertaking certification of the product in the cloud, 4x faster than without using Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Set the stage for faster sales cycles by giving customers the opportunity to more thoroughly and easily evaluate FlexDeploy, thanks to Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service
  • Expanded sales opportunities with the flexibility to deploy FlexDeploy on-premises, in Oracle Public Cloud, in a private cloud, or a combination of methods as well as across heterogeneous and open deployment environments—and rapidly migrate from on-premises deployment to the cloud, including through use of Oracle Cloud Machine
  • Accelerated ability to add features and enhancements to the FlexDeploy solution, affording a competitive advantage to the software development company
  • Reduced IT complexity and streamlined move from Flexagon’s development and testing environments to production thanks to seamless integration between Oracle IaaS and Oracle PaaS solutions, which, in turn, speeds software development and deployment
  • Cut significantly the time to provision, manage, and update FlexDeploy environments thanks to Oracle Java Cloud Service, driving faster time to value for Flexagon as well as its customers
  • Increased availability and performance of Flexagon’s IT infrastructure with Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS, freeing more skilled IT resources to focus on software development as well as expanded service and support
  • Enabled Flexagon to scale and support rapid growth thanks to automation and the cloud, including avoiding the need to hire at least three additional systems administrators to manage on-premises infrastructure
  • Gave users the flexibility to instantly stand up storage and compute environments in the cloud, provision Oracle WebLogic Server, deploy an application, run a test, and then decommission automatically—paying only for what they use—thanks to Oracle’s integrated cloud solutions
  • Strengthened value proposition of FlexDeploy with plug-ins for Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service, and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service— which complement Oracle PaaS and enable customers to automate the provisioning and management of the platform from FlexDeploy
  • Reduced risk for future projects with standardized architecture and processes


Oracle Platform as a Service and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service were natural choices as far as moving to the cloud, and the move was easy. Our FlexDeploy solution is a Java-based application, so we could move it with no changes onto Oracle Java Cloud Service, and we were up and running in no time.

— Dan Goerdt, President, Flexagon


“The ease in moving between on-premises solutions—Oracle and third-party offerings—and Oracle’s cloud ensured a smooth migration,” Goerdt said. “We moved an instance of FlexDeploy to Oracle Java Cloud Service in just 15 minutes when we began this journey.”

“FlexDeploy enables customers to perform faster, better, and cheaper, leveraging both on-premises Oracle products and Oracle IaaS or Oracle PaaS solutions. Using FlexDeploy with Oracle’s cloud services is a huge opportunity to empower businesses to accelerate software delivery, reduce costs, and improve quality and agility,” Goerdt said.

About Flexagon


Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million
Published:  Aug 16, 2016