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Flitto’s Sales Team Manages 30% More Customers with Oracle Sales Cloud


By gaining greater insight into customer information with Oracle Sales Cloud, we cut the volume of emails exchanged throughout the sales cycle by 80%, enabling our sales team to manage 30% more clients and increase revenue opportunities.

— Juyong Kim, Head of Business Development, Flitto Inc.

Flitto Cuts Email Volume by 80% Throughout the Sales Cycle, Enables Sales Team to Manage 30% More Customers, and Increases Win Rates with Oracle 

Flitto is a leading start-up company that provides translation services to global business partners, including Oracle, Microsoft, NTT DoCoMo and Baidu. It aims to deliver fast, accurate, and cost-efficient translation to over 7.5 million users and ensure satisfactory service.
With business expansion into China and Japan, Flitto wanted to gain deeper insight into sales opportunities and increase win rates by using an integrated platform to efficiently manage sales data, such as customer contact details and translation service requirements, and provide a relevant compensation plan to boost sales performance.
  • Gain complete visibility into sales performance, such as translation requests by region or by specialty, and reward individual sales representatives with appropriate incentive plans  
  • Increase sales revenue by allowing sales team to access and track customer information, including company size and the decision maker to contact regarding translation requests, anytime, anywhere
  • Improve sales productivity by automating the entire sales cycle—from receiving requests to quoting and delivering finished translations—instead of sending emails 
  • Cut the volume of emails exchanged throughout the sales cycle by 80% and enabled individual sales representatives to manage 30% more clients by providing an integrated sales performance management platform to track and manage customer information, such as company vision and translation goals and timelines, with Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Boosted sales motivation and productivity by allowing sales team to access real-time information on their performance—including the number of translation requests completed for business partners—and potential commission based on the current plan and attainment via Oracle Sales Cloud’s interactive compensation dashboard
  • Increased business opportunities by providing greater insight into customer requests, such as specific corporate translation requirements, via business intelligence reporting features and making it easier for the sales team to evaluate and prioritize each translation request
  • Increased sales productivity by providing sales team with instant access to pipelines and manage customer requests on mobile devices


With Oracle’s world class reputation and reliability, we were confident that we could grow with Oracle and become a leading global translation service provider. Oracle Sales Cloud was the only solution that would allow us to minimize additional maintenance costs after the initial setup.

— Juyong Kim, Head of Business Development, Flitto Inc.


Flitto conducted a proof of concept to confirm the performance and stability of Oracle Sales Cloud. Flitto then configured the system to meet its business requirements and started the data migration to Oracle Sales Cloud. It completed the implementation in five months.

About Flitto Inc.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$8.77 Million
Founded in 2012, Flitto is a crowd-sourcing translation platform that delivers fast and accurate translation of content in various formats, such as long text, images, and voice, in over 18 different languages via mobile devices and its website. It offers a range of translation services—including QR code, social network services, celebrity voice translations, and AI translation tool —to over 7.5 million users.


Flitto worked with Oracle Partner, Coreplus to build an integrated sales performance management system for its translation service business. Coreplus configured Oracle Sales Cloud and provided technical support to optimize the system.
“As the first SMB customer to adopt Oracle Sales Cloud in Korea, Coreplus’s full support and professional knowledge in various systems, such as CRM and ERP, was critical to ensure a successful implementation,” Kim said.

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Published:  Aug 25, 2017