Flow Progressive disrupts logistics industry using Oracle

To improve productivity and visibility, Flow integrates all core business operations onto a single ecosystem with automated processes.


With Oracle Cloud, we achieved supply chain execution convergence and boosted our ability to innovate. We simplified, standardized, and automated core and functional processes, enabled global visibility of all our operations, and converged our logistics and warehousing operations.

Mahdy SinnokrotChief Operations Officer, Flow Progressive Logistics

Business challenges

  • Improve logistics and warehousing services to clients by streamlining and integrating core operations and back-office processes to accelerate fulfillment
  • Increase innovation and market disruption by leveraging cloud applications and enabling supply chain execution convergence through automation, integration, and crowdsourcing
  • Provide managers with live dashboards that cover all aspects of the operations to enhance tactical and strategic decision making

Why Flow Progressive Logistics chose Oracle

"From six shortlisted vendors, Oracle clearly understood our operating model and offered the most comprehensive, robust, and user-friendly cloud applications for our supply chain requirements, enabling us to disrupt the market with new logistics innovations."

— Mahdy Sinnokrot, Chief Operations Officer, Flow Progressive Logistics


  • Boosted competitiveness by deploying a single Oracle Cloud suite—consisting of Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud Service, and Oracle Transportation Management Cloud Service—to streamline, integrate, and automate operations from core logistics to back-office functions across 12 sites
  • Increased innovation and competitiveness thanks to the standards-based, integrated Oracle Cloud, which supports supply chain execution convergence—enabling tighter cooperation with third-party logistics (3PL) providers or transportation entrepreneurs and expansion into new markets
  • Enhanced cohesion between finance, procurement, and operational logistics teams thanks to a unified Oracle Cloud solution—for example, by enabling all activities in domestic line operations to be immediately reflected in the system, instead of needing to track orders, fulfillment, and financial transactions by email
  • Provided in-depth visibility of all transportation activities, enabling logistics and warehouse managers to improve departmental performance by making informed decisions based on real-time data
  • Improved resource utilization with a fully integrated system that enables Flow to allocate warehouse staff geographically according to the volume of inbound and outbound goods in a particular location, accelerating warehouse operations and minimizing delays and customer complaints
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction by enabling a workforce of more than 1,400—including hundreds of drivers and warehouse operatives—to manage HR tasks, such as applying for annual leave or updating personnel records, anytime and anywhere on Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Improved service to retail clients and logistics partners thanks to the ability to provide them with regular production reports for all warehousing and logistics activities based on accurate and up-to-the-minute data
  • Standardized chart of accounts across the business and introduced profit and loss accounts for each entity and location—whether a warehouse, a last-mile hub, or a domestic line operation—enabling more granular reports and more detailed business analysis
  • Improved decision making by enabling business leaders to analyze and address potential efficiency or performance issues affecting the bottom line—for example, by reviewing utility bills per location or employment costs versus revenue per warehouse type
  • Standardized and automated procurement processes previously conducted on paper, eliminating errors and reducing the procure-to-pay cycle time


For its Oracle Cloud implementation, Flow selected Oracle Platinum Partner Inspirage due to its cloud experience and its reputation as a leading partner for logistics and warehousing solutions. Inspirage deployed the solution following the Oracle Unified Method, and assisted with end-user training to facilitate adoption.
Published:September 1, 2019