Flybuys delivers targeted emails at huge scale with Oracle Cloud

Australia’s leading customer loyalty program sends ultra-personalized offers and rewards to 8.6 million active members using the Oracle Responsys application.

It’s my strongest objective to ensure that our engagement rates are best-in-class. And when we compare ourselves through Oracle deliverability with our competitors, it shows that we are doing a great job in terms of the inbox placement rate and read rates.

Phil HawkinsChief Operations Officer, Flybuys

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Business challenges

Flybuys is Australia’s most popular loyalty program, with 8.6 million active members representing up to two-thirds of the country’s households. Each week Flybuys sends out millions of highly personalized emails with offers and rewards from 22 participating brands that make up 25% of Australia’s retail sales.

The sheer scale of Flybuys’ email marketing presents its own challenges. Enticing offers and compelling messages succeed only if they reach the recipients’ inboxes reliably. Spam filters can intercept marketing emails even if recipients have opted into them. And the huge number of emails Flybuys sends would overwhelm many marketing applications.

Flybuys needed an email marketing application that is both effective at consistently reaching and inspiring its members and robust enough to handle its massive volumes without delays or downtime.

Our communications and personalization are all driven by data.… The performance of our campaign management lives or dies by our ability to plan and execute campaigns that are data-driven.

Phil HawkinsChief Operations Officer, Flybuys

Why Flybuys Chose Oracle

Flybuys chose Oracle Responsys, part of the Oracle Cloud CX suite of applications, to manage and orchestrate its email communications. The company valued the fact that it could send millions of complex, highly personalized emails without worrying about the application’s stability.

What’s more, says chief operating officer Phil Hawkins, Flybuys “found consistently that the Oracle team are prepared to listen and understand our business objectives and strategy and they’re very good at proposing solutions that align with our objectives.”


Flybuys’ adoption of Oracle Responsys allowed it to achieve a 97% inbox-placement rate—a considerable percentage given that it’s sending millions of messages at a time.

Oracle Responsys lets Flybuys create hyper-personalized offers and rewards that are unique to each recipient.  For example, every Tuesday Flybuys sends a specials email for Coles, Australia’s second-largest supermarket chain (and also a top Responsys customer).

Of the hundreds of products Coles has on special, each email promotes 12 that are relevant to the recipient—and of the millions of emails sent, on the occasions they have checked, no two households are presented the same 12 products – true 1:1 personalization

Unlike competitors’ marketing automation applications, Oracle Responsys reliably handles Flybuys’ volume and complex hyper-personalization without crashing or taking too long to process. In addition, because Oracle Responsys allows for precise timing of email deliveries, Flybuys can target when its recipients receive the messages to maximize effectiveness.

Flybuys plans to extend its use of Oracle Responsys beyond email to push notifications and potentially social media applications.

Published:November 18, 2020

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