France Télévisions puts user data at the center of operations with Oracle

France Télévisions increases marketing campaign efficiency and boosts advertising revenue by enriching user behavior data with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

France Télévisions is a leading audio-visual group with an audience of 50% of France’s population watching one of the group’s channels every day. Its advertising network, France Télévisions Publicité, manages the advertising space of nearly 30 television channels—including France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, TV5Monde, E!, and Cartoon Network.

IT infrastructure is critical to France Télévisions’ advertising and broadcasting operations, connecting users through all formats and all devices. Capturing and understanding user data is key to reaching more audiences and creating more value for advertisers. Five years ago, the company adopted a data management platform for this purpose, but over time, it felt the need for more functionality with which to integrate the entire advertising environment.


We are satisfied to have increased our email open and click rates by two to three times through the personalization achieved with Oracle Marketing Cloud. The tool has become the nerve center of behavioral data, driving our marketing and advertising technology universe. This allows us to offer advertisers richer media data packages.

Valentin VivierHead of Data Projects, France Télévisions (

Business challenges

  • Strengthen revenue by offering advertisers and media agencies higher-quality audience segmentation
  • Offer a richer customer experience by creating more awareness and loyalty through personalization
  • Activate vast amounts of user behavioral data in real time
  • Utilize user data to grow audience acquisition, retention, and loyalty
  • Comply with France Télévisions’ data protection policy, “Data Friendly,” and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We chose Oracle BlueKai for its flexibility, its functionality, its interfaces to our ad servers and third-party platforms, and also for the deep understanding of our business provided by Oracle expert services.

Valentin VivierHead of Data Projects, France Télévisions (


  • Increased the cost per thousand as a result of providing advertisers with reliable campaign data, stemming from capture of user behavioral data combined with the socio-demographic data in the corporate customer relationship management (CRM) system using Oracle BlueKai Analytics Data as a Service
  • Enhanced the customer experience by personalizing communications to targeted audiences through capturing user journeys from digital assets—creating taxonomies, segmenting users, and delivering relevant emails to increase audiences for video, info, sports, youth, and cultural offerings
  • Increased downloads of mobile apps through clicks generated by finely segmented, well-targeted campaigns using Oracle BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace Data as a Service
  • Increased the open rate of targeted push notifications and emails—from 1.3% to 2.6%—by personalization based on user behavior and interests
  • Doubled the open rate of personalized emails when adapting subject and body text to audience viewing behavior
  • Created over 300 data campaigns covering 95 audience segments for helping advertisers thanks to Oracle BlueKai’s ability to aggregate anonymous user data with CRM data and yield targets according to life style, interests, consumer preferences, and other criteria
  • Increased customer acquisition, awareness, engagement, and loyalty through successful execution of use cases such as targeted push campaigns, personalized emails, pop-in ratings, thematic newsletter pushes, and website personalization
  • Enriched the value and reach of media campaign offerings by unifying first-party and third-party data
Published:December 17, 2018