Frisk cuts costs, enhances its search and indexing with Oracle Cloud

Developer taps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to improve the performance and scalability of its software, helping customers turn disconnected data into insights.


OCI provided the most cost-effective offering, with the level of scalability and performance we required to deliver projects involving complex data generation. The support, particularly during our pilot phase, set Oracle apart from the other vendors we evaluated.

Jesse BugdenChief Architect, Frisk

Business challenges

Businesses of all sizes are collecting enormous amounts of unstructured data, but much of it is locked in disconnected CRM and ERP applications, file servers, email systems, and more, making it all but impossible for companies to derive meaningful insights from that data.

Frisk, an Australia-based software developer, is helping its customers—mostly small to midsize businesses and larger government agencies—“to lift the data fog” in order to boost productivity, reduce compliance risk, improve intelligence analysis, and seize new revenue opportunities.

The company’s FISC search, indexing, and analytics software, used by both IT specialists and non-technical business people, connects disparate data sources via one intuitive, secure interface.

But maintaining and scaling that core application was less simple for Frisk when the software was hosted by a managed service provider. That environment had a fixed footprint with a fixed monthly cost, regardless of customer requirements. In order to scale its offering on demand, boost system performance, and lighten its management load, Frisk sought a cloud-based alternative.

Choosing OCI boiled down to that combination of cost-to-service and capability that we couldn’t find with other vendors.

Jesse BugdenChief Architect, Frisk

Why Frisk Chose Oracle

Frisk considered moving its FISC software to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Red Hat OpenStack before selecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Frisk was drawn to OCI’s low cost relative to the other offerings, as well as its high degree of automation, allowing for seamless deployment at scale.

The company also found OCI to be developer-friendly, seamlessly integrated with CI/CD tools and GitLab, the company’s DevOps platform. OCI lets Frisk set up massive test environments or deploy high-performance computing on demand.


Since moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Frisk has achieved an 85% cost reduction compared with its previous hosting environment. OCI also provided higher performance and scalability.

Indexing big data and performing complex natural language processing put a large strain on storage, memory, and CPUs. OCI’s cutting-edge technology allows Frisk to push the envelope with its customers, who are looking for maximum performance.

Published:March 5, 2021