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Frozen Mountain Software, Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

Frozen Mountain improves real-time communications with Oracle Cloud


Frozen Mountain doubles performance and achieves cost savings for real-time communications services with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Frozen Mountain, a provider of cross-platform, internet-based, real-time communication software development kits and services for WebRTC audio/video streaming and other communications applications, was looking to engage a new cloud infrastructure provider. The company wanted improved customer service and lower costs as it continued to grow.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exceeded the company’s expectations, both on price for performance and on customer service, enabling it to confidently host its services for its customers across 51 countries.

Business challenges

  • Provide customers with low-latency video and audio processing and mixing to support custom, real-time communications services 
  • Extend real-time peer-to-peer audio/video transmission with additional server-based capabilities for applications that require selective forwarding, mixing, and telephony integration 
  • Ensure cloud technology vendor offers comprehensive support for small and medium businesses to support software and application growth

Our customers require the ability to continuously move tremendous amounts data in and out of our server. We evaluated every major cloud infrastructure provider, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided the level of performance and high bandwidth that our customers demand—and at the lowest price.

Greg Batenburg

Vice President of Business Development, Frozen Mountain


  • Hosted development, staging, and production live-streaming demonstration servers for core communications services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with confidence thanks to its comprehensive, around-the-clock support team
  • Secured twice the performance for the same price compared to competing cloud solutions, ensuring the company could continue to invest in growth of real-time communications services 
  • Achieved the performance, bandwidth, and low latency real-time communication systems required for customers across 51 countries with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

We needed the best price for performance available in today’s market. We saw performance double versus our prior solution, which translates directly into cost savings. Dollar-for-dollar, you just get more compute with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Anton Venema

CTO, Frozen Mountain