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Oracle Customer Success — Frozen Mountain

Frozen Mountain

Real-time communication software company leaves AWS for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


We needed the best price performance available. We saw performance double vs. our prior solution, which translates directly into cost savings. Dollar-for-dollar, you just get more compute with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

— Anton Venema, CTO, Frozen Mountain

Frozen Mountain provides cross-platform, Internet-Based Real-Time Communication SDKs and services for WebRTC audio/video streaming, browser synchronization, and other communications features for their customers' applications across 47 countries.

  • Real-time communication demands performance

    Frozen Mountain’s LiveSwitch leverages their IceLink and WebSync technologies to extend real-time peer-to-peer audio/video transmission with additional server-based capabilities for applications that require selective forwarding, mixing, and telephony integration.

    As an on-premise solution, LiveSwitch can be deployed in a customer’s own datacenter or within the cloud infrastructure provider of their choice. To customers looking for the best operational cost versus performance trade-off, Frozen Mountain recommends Oracle for running LiveSwitch in the cloud.

  • The best performance—at the best price

    The team deployed several Virtual Machine (VM) compute instances for both internal environments and customer environments. A regular LiveSwitch deployment consists of a load balancer on a public subnet and two gateway servers, a Redis datastore, and media servers, all on a private subnet.

    The development team uses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for development and testing, while the sales team uses it for demonstrations.

    Audio/Video transmission is bandwidth- and processor-intensive. When acting as a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU), LiveSwitch is simultaneously handing routing of all data to each connected client. As a multi-point control unit (MCU), LiveSwitch is processing and mixing all video and audio streams from every end user – who may each need their own individualized view. Since the solution does this in real-time, the product is also latency-sensitive.

    "Applications built on our technology continuously move tremendous amounts data in and out of the server during operation. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided the level of performance, including low-latency, and high bandwidth that our customers demand. More importantly, it does so at the lowest price," said Greg Batenburg, VP of Business Development. "We evaluated every major cloud infrastructure provider before choosing Oracle."

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Why Oracle?
  • Delivers the performance bandwidth, and low latency real-time communication systems require.
  • Double price-performance of competing clouds.

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Published:  Oct 12, 2018