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Fujitsu transforms HR function with Oracle HCM Cloud


Fujitsu Streamlines and Standardizes HR Processes for 26,000 Employees across 37 Countries with Oracle Cloud

Fujitsu provides information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in over 100 countries. Its range of service offerings enables its customers to take advantage of the opportunities created by the connected world. Traditionally, each Fujitsu legal entity operated its HR systems and processes independently. However, due to the global nature of the company’s operations, the siloed structure was becoming more unsustainable, as managers had no consistent people data on their multi-located teams, and regional strategic workforce planning became increasingly demanding.

The company decided to move to a centralized model, and, as part of its HR technological transformation program, it selected Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud for deployment in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa (EMEIA)—a region encompassing 26,000 end users.

Business challenges

  • Support HR functional transformation across the EMEIA region by standardizing processes and rationalizing over 40 core HR systems and applications onto a single, global platform
  • Reduce administrative and paper-based processes for 26,000 employees to free up dozens of HR staff for strategic initiatives
  • Enable managers to effectively manage multi-located teams by providing them with access— anytime and anywhere— to a single source of people data instead of needing to log on to multiple systems or contact local HR staff
  • Streamline a range of HR functions across 37 countries—including onboarding, talent management, performance, and recruitment—by digitizing common processes

With Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we underwent a digital transformation of our HR model. We established a common process for 26,000 employees in 37 countries, reduced cost and complexity, increased business agility, and boosted HR, management, and employee productivity.

Claire Findell

EMEIA HRIS - HR Business Lead, Fujitsu


  • Standardized HR processes for 26,000 employees across 37 countries by deploying Oracle Human Capital Management Base Cloud Service, streamlining the HR function and enabling Fujitsu to amalgamate 4 sub-regions into a wider, regional entity
  • Drove HR functional transformation by empowering managers and employees to independently manage a range of HR transactions—including goal setting, recruiting, performance, and talent management—on a common platform, freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic workforce planning and business partnering with Fujitsu’s line managers
  • Provided senior managers and HR staff with accurate, up-to-date personnel data on a team, department, country, and functional basis across the EMEIA region—previously impossible when using more than 40 separate HR systems and applications
  • Reduced HR costs by eliminating paperwork and minimizing administration for hundreds of HR staff across the region
  • Enabled managers to more effectively manage multi-located teams by providing them with a single source of truth for all team HR data—previously, they needed to log into three or four disparate systems or contact HR staff in various locations
  • Improved evidence-based HR decisions thanks to more accurate, timely data and predictive analytics across the organization, enabling HR and senior staff to easily identify and address high staff attrition rates or low employee performance in a particular business area or region
  • Increased productivity by enabling employees to rapidly manage HR tasks, such as updating personal details, requesting leave, or submitting travel or other expenses, anytime and anywhere—previously, these tasks were conducted using various systems and lengthy, paper-based processes
  • Enabled Fujitsu—as a systems integrator and Oracle Diamond Partner—to demonstrate to clients its leadership in cloud deployments, digital transformation, and technical innovation, and to showcase the advantages of Oracle HCM Cloud from a user perspective
  • Standardized and digitized HR processes across all businesses and geographical locations within EMEIA, paving the way for global standardization of HR and other support functions throughout the organization

We selected Oracle HCM Cloud for our functional and digital HR transformation because it is easy to configure, deploy, update, and adapt to changing needs across a large, dispersed organization. Oracle HCM Cloud fits our business model perfectly, offering comprehensive capability as well flexibility and support.

Claire Findell

EMEIA HRIS - HR Business Lead, Fujitsu

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Published: April 13, 2018